Coronation Street viewers heartbroken as Peter Barlow’s exit ‘sealed’ in murder plot twist

Coronation Street viewers heartbroken as Peter Barlow’s exit ‘sealed’ in murder plot twist

Just weeks after it was announced that long running star Chris Gascoyne would be leaving the Coronation Street cobbles, fans were left heartbroken on Friday night, when a new clue dropped in the Stephen Reid murder storyline that foreshadowed his departure.

As regular viewers will know, Stephen Reid has been racking up quite the kill count in recent weeks, with three victims already having been permanently silenced after they got in the way of his master plan to clear his financial woes.

Yet trouble appears to be brewing on the horizon, after the widow of one of his victims, Rufus Donahue, began to delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding her husband’s death, something which could very easily place Stephen in the firing line.

However, during the same episode, Peter confessed to his partner Carla that he had actually stolen Rufus’ watch after the unpleasant businessman had left it behind in his cab, and pawned it in order to pay for Carla’s rehab treatment earlier this year.

But to make matters worse, this watch had been promised to Rufus’ grieving son by his mother, something which couldn’t help but fill Peter with guilt as he tried to retrace his steps to work out how to recover the crucial item.

Given the specificity of this particular plot detail, many fans have now predicted that Stephen’s crimes may soon be pinned on Peter, something which could potentially see him locked up in prison for the foreseeable future.

Taking to social media to share their fears, one fan wrote: ”Peter going down for another murder he didn't commit, we remember Tina!”

A second fan then added: "If Peter goes down or is framed for this murder I swear to god"

Before a third commented: "Peter better not go back to prison. We can't go through that again”

All before a fourth viewer echoed: ”Oh no don’t say this is Peter’s exit!…he goes down for Rufus’s murder!!!!"

Peter’s exit was announced back in July, when it was revealed that after 23 enjoyable years on the soap, actor Chris was taking an “extended break” with no plans to return to the role for the foreseeable future.

Speaking at the time, a source told the MailOnline: “He's taking an extended break as he has done before with no set date for return as yet.

“He will be on screen until the end of the year, with the door will be very much left open.”

So could this be the start of Peter’s exit from the cobbles? Or do the writers have another plan in store?

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