Coronation Street to introduce Gemma Winter's brother – and he's a familiar face

Coronation Street to introduce Gemma Winter's brother – and he's a familiar face

Coronation Street is to introduce Gemma Winter’s brother in an upcoming storyline – but it turns out that we’ve met him before!

We previously reported that David’s former cellmate Paul was returning, and it’s been revealed by Daily Star that he and Gemma’s sibling is one and the same.

Paul is played by Peter Ash, who first appeared on the ITV soap back in May – when David Platt was banged up following his assault on Gary Windass.

Paul Foreman only appeared in three episodes earlier this year, with him and David locking horns in jail. Despite Paul seeming nice at first, David later offered an olive branch – but Paul warned there were no mates in prison and he’d have to learn to fend for himself.

While Gemma started out as a rough character with a shady backstory, she’s blossomed into one of the show’s funniest characters – forging a bond with Street stalwart Rita Tanner.

Most recently, Gemma has been caught in a love triangle with close friend Chesney Brown and hairdresser Emma Brooker – with the fella torn as to who he really wants to be with.

Meanwhile, David has finally found some closure following his rape ordeal at the hands of evil Josh Tucker, and has taken a backseat to his gran Audrey’s war with Claudia Colby and relationship with Lewis Archer.

Peter Ash’s return as Paul also solves the mystery as to what Gemma actress Dolly-Rose Campbell was referring to when she talked about a “blast from the past”.

Last month, she told Inside Soap: “There’s lots of different stuff happening over Christmas — which is quite revealing.

“It might show us a few different elements of Gemma’s character, and explain some things about why she’s like she is. There’s plenty to come!”

Now it all becomes clear!

We’ll have to wait and see what mischief Paul brings for his sister and old prison pal, but it could mean darkness on the horizon once more…

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights on ITV

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