Coronation Street theory: Maria Connor removed from the cobbles as Gary’s secret exposed

Coronation Street theory: Maria Connor removed from the cobbles as Gary’s secret exposed

Corrie: Maria is told that the Rovers Return Inn is being sold

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Maria (played by Samia Longchambon) and Gary (Mikey North) were left shocked at the end of Friday night’s episode of Coronation Street when Laura Neelan (Kel Allen) took the blame over Rick Neelan’s (Greg Wood) death. The troubled character had learnt hours before Gary had killed her ex-husband but she wanted her daughter, Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson), to have someone who would care for her once she died as she knew the killer saw her the youngster as his own. This doesn’t mean in upcoming scenes on the ITV soap the rest of Weatherfield will not discover what really happened and this could eventually lead to Maria’s departure.

Speaking with and other media, the actor who plays Gary, Mikey, hinted at how Maria could take a lot of the fall for his character’s misdemeanours.

The actor explained: “Maria has been very forgiving. I think, in the end, she’s almost been the one that’s this made him keep it in.

“I think she’s been saying, ‘Listen, you’ve come this far, don’t do anything about it.’ I think she wants him to keep it secret.

“But in the end, it just becomes too much and this is the right thing to do for him,” he explained and has expanded on this to create a new theory.

Although Laura has taken the heat at the moment, meaning Gary is no longer the number one suspect in the investigation into Rick’s death, the dodgy dealer’s guilty conscience could get the better of him.

Gary would see how hurt Kelly would be over Rick’s death and once her mother dies, she could be furious with Laura for taking her father away from her.

Although she didn’t want to believe it at first, the youngster could finally get her head around the idea that she can no longer ask her mother any questions following her death from stomach cancer.

With Laura’s name being slated and with no ability to defend herself, Gary could tell Kelly the real truth about Rick.

As she would be so angry the dodgy dealer allowed her dying mother to take the wrap, she would waste no time calling the authorities.

This is when Gary could finally confess to killing Rick, telling the police Laura had nothing to do with it and was merely trying to protect her daughter.

Maria wants it to be a secret

Mikey North

Of course, the residents of Weatherfield are a bunch of gossips and they would begin surmising who else knew about Gary.

Having married the killer after he murdered Rick, Maria could become public enemy number one as her neighbours turn against her.

This wouldn’t be the first time they have done so as after Robert Preston (Tristan Gemmill) was killed on Christmas Day in 2019, they discovered Gary was a loan shark.

The community shunned the couple as they thought Maria would have been in cahoots with her partner at the time, not realising she was just as horrified to find out the truth.

Having given her another chance, they could decide it is time for the new councillor of the local area to be given the boot.

Confronting Maria about whether she knew about Gary, the residents of Weatherfield would be mortified to realise their suspicions were right.

They would make her life a misery, particularly with regards to her new position as a councillor as they would tarnish her name with the local authorities.

As they would have no choice but to take the role away from Maria, she would start to contemplate moving away from Manchester.

With no job, no husband and no worthy reputation to uphold on the cobbles, she could realise it would be the worst place for her to live.

This would mean she would be removed from the place she calls home as it would be the Lynch mob who drives her out of town.

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Although her husband would be in prison and would need her support, she knows she is the one who helped seal his fate.

With a guilty conscience lying heavy on her shoulders, she could decide she is going to start a new chapter abroad.

From her new home, she could begin the process of divorcing Gary, who would be devastated to learn the one person he thought was in his corner had left him alone.

This would bring an end to Maria’s 20 years on the show and it would be surprising after all the drama she has been through this would be the storyline to see her leave.

However, would the door be fully closed on her story or could she return in a few years’ time to settle some scores with those who ran her out of town?

Although Maria’s future looks uncertain, Gary star Mikey has discussed how he felt being a villain on the programme.

The actor said: “When I was younger, and I think this is my 14th or 15th year now, in these interviews all I said was, ‘I just want to be the bad guy. I love being the bad guy and getting into fights and all of that.’

“But maybe it’s me getting a little bit older.

“It’s all good doing that, but playing the nicer, happy, jack the lad, there’s a bit of comedy in there and I’ve definitely started to enjoy that more as I’ve got older.

“I like the best of both worlds of getting to do bits of both.”

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV.

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