Coronation Street arrest after Ryan exposes Zeedan’s crimes?

Coronation Street arrest after Ryan exposes Zeedan’s crimes?

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Coronation Street’s Ryan Connor (played by Ryan Prescott) has been growing suspicious of Zeedan Nazir (Qasim Akhtar) on the ITV soap. Zeedan has been money laundering for Hashim Elamin (Vincent Ebrahim) through Speed Daal, but Ryan has been unaware of his secret dealings. However, could Zeedan soon land himself behind bars when Ryan exposes his sordid crimes?

Zeedan is set to be caught out once again by Ryan as his dodgy dealings with Hashim continue. 

Corrie fans will know Ryan recently overheard a heated conversation between Zeedan and Hashim while he was working at the Speed Daal. 

Ryan confronted Zeedan, but he refused to tell him the truth about his and Hahsim’s altercation. 

Zeedan has been secretly laundering money for Hashim who is pursuing revenge on him following his break-up with his daughter Mehnaz. 

Zeedan owes Hashim £50,000, and because he has been unable to pay it back, the youngster has been forced into the laundering scheme to have the debt written off.

In scenes yet to air on the ITV soap Zeedan listens to a voicemail from Hashim and in a bid to get them out of the way, Zeedan tells Yasmeen (Shelley King), Alya (Sair Khan) and Ryan he’s booked them into a spa for the afternoon.

Having finished their lunch, George Shuttleworth (Tony Maudsley) and Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver) pay the bill. 

However, things don’t go to plan after Zeedan rings the bill through twice as Ryan appears by his side and points out his error. 

Meanwhile, in Victoria Garden, Hashim puts pressure on Zeedan to push more cash through the books, but Ryan clocks their heated discussion and listens with interest. 

Will Ryan finally realise what’s happening between the pair this time around? 

Could he even end up turning Zeedan into the police after feeling betrayed? 

Will Hashim also end up being arrested or will he manage to get away with his part in the money laundering scheme by putting the blame on Zeedan? 

But if Zeedan goes to prison, how will Hashim get the £50,000 he’s owed back in his pocket?

Perhaps Hashim will jump to Zeedan’s defence if Ryan tries to report him to the police so they can secretly carry on with the money laundering. 

It appears things could get a lot worse for Zeedan in the near future, with actor Asim telling Digital Spy: “He has crossed the wrong people and he has got on the wrong side of someone who is quite a big fish.

“So he will be bringing trouble to the street and Yasmeen and Alya are going to find themselves in the crossfire and in the thick of it with him.”

Will Yasmeen and Alya find themselves in a vulnerable position at the hands of a dangerous individual?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV. 

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