Conners Recap: Checks and Balances — Plus, Can Darlene & Ben Make It Work?

Conners Recap: Checks and Balances — Plus, Can Darlene & Ben Make It Work?

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This week on The Conners, Dan loses his patience with Jackie’s unemployed boyfriend, while Darlene gets dating advice from an unexpected source.

Dan is unamused when Jackie gets Peter a $3,000 Vespa for Christmas. He agrees to make the necessary repairs, but only for his sister-in-law’s sake. Down at the restaurant, Peter shows up to write Dan a check for the repairs, at which point Dan discovers that Peter and Jackie now have a joint checking account, despite the fact that Peter has nothing to contribute. And if that’s not enough to send Dan over the edge, Peter lets slip that Jackie’s paying for his college tuition. Dan proceeds to rip up the check, then accuses Peter of taking advantage of Jackie. He then threatens to pulverize this wannabe Frasier, who tries to stand up for himself by throwing his intellect in Dan’s face.

The following day, Jackie comes over to write Dan another check, clearly perturbed that her brother-in-law meddled in her relationship. “All you do is give, and all he does is take,” Dan points out. But Jackie doesn’t see it that way, and assures Dan that her relationship is working. She then threatens Dan, saying if he winds up being the reason that this relationship doesn’t work out, she’ll move into his home and bring Bev along with her!

Darlene, meanwhile, pursues a relationship with Ben. Becky tells Darlene that she and Ben are too similar to make it work, but Darlene is certain that she’s finally found the right guy. But when Ben invites Darlene over for a home-cooked meal at his place, the new couple gets into their very first fight; Ben refuses to let Darlene add salt to his recipe, and Darlene storms out.

Afterwards, Darlene discusses her relationship with Blue, of all people, when David is unable to meet for coffee. Blue suggests to Darlene that she might find happiness if she gives up some control and allows Ben to lead in their relationship, an idea which Darlene struggles to entertain. At work, Ben apologizes for upsetting Darlene, and the couple debates whether two alphas can make a relationship work. They ultimately agree that it’s worth a shot, even if it turns out to be a disaster.

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