Cobra Kai season 3 Netflix release date: Will there be another series?

Cobra Kai season 3 Netflix release date: Will there be another series?

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Cobra Kai season three is looking like a possibility following the success of the first two seasons. The series originally aired as a YouTube exclusive, but Netflix picked it up and the first two seasons will arrive on August 28. has everything you need to know about season three of Cobra Kai.

Will there be another series of Cobra Kai?

Cobra Kai is a highly anticipated sequel series to the classic Karate Kid films from the 80s.

The series follows a much older Daniel LaRusso (played by Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) as they revive their rivalry.

Fans will be excited to hear there will definitely be a season three, which is due to land in 2021.

Sadly an official release date has not been provided yet, but the cast reassured fans it will be happening.

Macchio is on Instagram and he shared a photo of himself with the rest of the cast, with the message: “To all the #CobraKai ‘day-1-ers’- we are not here without you!

“You are part of our #KarateKid family! And we understand your frustration on the 2021 release of season three.

“But let’s please let the world catch-up so we can all party together! It will be worth the wait! We love you guys!”

Who will be in the cast of Cobra Kai season 3?

Macchio and Zabka will, of course, be back for season three, reprising their roles as the two main characters.

Xolo Maridueña should also be returning as Miguel, Johnny’s eager student, as his fate was left hanging in the balance.

Tanner Buchanan, who plays Johnny’s son Robby Keane, seemed to be heading down a rocky road so fans are keen to see what happens next to his character.

There is likely to be some new characters in the third season as some of the scenes will be set in Okinawa, where Daniel LaRusso is bound to meet new friends and enemies.

Mary Mouser should return as Samantha LaRusso, with Courtney Henggeler as Amanda LaRusso.

Is there a trailer for Cobra Kai season 3?

On August 24 Netflix dropped an official trailer for season seasons one and two, saying: “Two dojos. One epic rivalry. The Cobra Kai legacy continues only on Netflix.”

Sadly there is no trailer for season three just yet, as seasons one and two are only just landing on Netflix.

Netflix is likely to reveal a trailer for the third season in the summer of 2021, and will continue to update this story.

There is a short teaser for season three, which reveals Daniel’s famous trainer, Mr Miyagi (Pat Morita), may have been keeping secrets from him.

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What will happen in Cobra Kai season 3?

Macchio spoke to Entertainment Weekly about what would happen in season three at the San Diego Comic-Con.

He said Daniel will travel to Okinawa, adding: “Something I can tease is that, albeit we have a lot of cleaning up to do based on the events of season two, some of the stories will dive into the origins of both Miyagi-Do Karate and Cobra Kai.

“Like, the beginnings of those two forms of martial arts, and we’ll learn stuff about both that we never knew. And that includes LaRusso going to Okinawa, which is a piece of season three.”

In a sneak peek video Daniel is seen battling an unknown figure who effortlessly floors him.

As Daniel insists Miyagi would never keep secrets from him, his opponent seems to disagree.

Fans have already expressed their excitement for season three on social media. One said on Twitter: “Cobra Kai’s third season is only going to get more intense.”

Another said: “I’d be lying if I said the reason I just rewatched the original Karate Kid movie tonight for the umpteenth time (and made my kids watch too) was anything other than seeing the season three trailer for #CobraKai.”

Actor Zabka is also on Instagram and he shared the trailer for the first two seasons saying: “We have a new dojo @netflix #CobraKai — the real story has just begun!”

Season three was due to land on YouTube Premium this year, 2020, but then Netflix took over the series and the release date was pushed back.

Cobra Kai airs on Netflix on August 28

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