Clive Owen’s simple gesture shows he’s ‘desperate for family unity’

Clive Owen’s simple gesture shows he’s ‘desperate for family unity’

Clive Owen admits he had ‘huge part’ to play in Amanda split

Clive Owen took the full blame for the breakdown of his marriage to Amanda Owen as he spoke to Christine Lampard on Thursday’s Lorraine. Analysing the interview, body language expert Judi James told Clive was “clearly keen to have his say” but shows signs of wanting to “keep the family together” and even a “possible reconciliation” with Amanda.

Clive told the ITV host the success of Our Yorkshire Farm was “amazing” but he “handled it very badly”.

He went on to confess: “It was such a change in our life and I sadly made a right mess of things basically and I had a massive part to play in our relationship ending.”

Analysing Clive’s body language, Judi told he is “clearly keen to have his say, talking over and interrupting the presenter at the start in a bid to get going with what she refers to as ‘his truth’.”

She explained: “The moment the floor is his he reverts to denial mode though, leaning back in the chair and part covering his face with his hand in an act of masking and barrier-making.

“‘I handled it badly’ is delivered hunched forward in his chair in a more submissive and confessional mode.

“He even repeats his message with added emphasis, repeating ‘I made a complete mess of it’ and narrowing his eyes as he talks about his marriage.”

Judi went on to note as Clive spoke about “ranting and raving and drinking and carrying on” behind the scenes of the popular Channel 5 series, there were “no obvious signals of embarrassment”.

However, she continued: “From then on his gestures look all about a desire to keep the family together and even possibly reconciliation.

“He holds his hands out in the air near his chest and brings them together in a cupping gesture that hints at that desperation for family unity.”

Despite their separation, Clive and Amanda still live close to one another and are still part of each other’s lives as they continue to run Ravenseat Farm.

Speaking on Lorraine, Clive shared: “I live at the farm and she lives about half a mile away down the road.

“On a day-to-day basis, we work together, we farm together, we look after the kids together.

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“She feeds us all, somehow she looks after two houses instead of one. So I think, although it’s been unfortunate, I really believe the kids are great and fine.”

The farmer was praised for speaking out in defence of Amanda and clarifying he “had a massive part to play” in the breakdown of their marriage.

@donnamrush posted on Twitter: “@reallorraine aw what a lovely man Clive Owen is , how many men still talk lovingly of their ex wife and admit they played a big part in their break up x Wishing Clive #AmandaOwen and all the family the very best for the future.”

“@Lorraine Just watched the Clive Owen interview,” @swaddorset shared. “It was refreshing to watch a person taking their share of the responsibility for a relationship breakdown. Topped off by heartwarming comments about what an amazing woman his ex is – pure class!”

Lorraine airs weekdays on ITV from 9am.

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