Chloe Ferry called 'a special lady' by Wayne Lineker after he reveals they're 'romantically seeing' each other

Chloe Ferry called 'a special lady' by Wayne Lineker after he reveals they're 'romantically seeing' each other

CHLOE Ferry was called "a special lady" by Wayne Lineker after he revealed that they're "romantically seeing" each other.

The 25-year-old took to social media to share another sexy snap as she wore a very revealing ensemble.

The ex Geordie Shore star posed wearing a ruched cutout dress as she perched on her staircase.

Chloe showed off her ample assets in the khaki halterneck while she licked her lips in the racy snap.

The Newcastle babe completed her chic look with flawless makeup and her darker blonde locks swept back.

She captioned it: "Attitude bigger than my….."

The legendary club owner, 58, was quick to compliment the Geordie beauty almost immediately after it was posted, he penned: "Beautiful inside and out. Special lady 🧡."

Chloe replied: "Wayne Lineker thank you baby ❤️️."

It comes days after Wayne confirmed that he was "romantically seeing" Chloe after their fake engagement.

The Ibiza legend and the reality favourite left fans confused when they revealed they were "engaged" in a joke post.

However, Wayne has now said he's "seeing" his Celebs Go Dating co-star – who he called his "celebrity crush".

Speaking on Access All Areas on FUBAR Radio, Wayne said: "Me and Chloe just have a laugh all the time. We’re in the mansion and she had a wedding ring. She went, ‘Come on, Wayne, let’s pretend we’re getting married’.

"And we took all the pictures and everything and we didn't end up doing it, we just forgot about it.

“And she phoned me up last week. Because, I mean, we are seeing each other a little bit and having a bit of flirtatious banter and we'll see what happens in the summer.

"But she said, ‘Come on let’s post it! Let’s have a laugh!’ I said, ‘You know it’s going to go viral don’t you?’ She went, ‘Yeah of course I do!’

“But yeah, me and Chloe are really tight. She came on my podcast last week, No Excuse for Abuse, and she was amazing you know. But yeah, we’re really really close and she’s coming to Ibiza for the summer. And so, we’ll see what happens."

Bobby then asked: "So Wayne, when you say ‘seeing each other’, what? Romantically?" 

Wayne replied: "We’re always flirting, Bobby."

Despite meeting many years ago whilst partying in Ibiza, Chloe and Wayne have become extremely close in recent months.

The Geordie star also revealed that she used to send Wayne saucy messages and bikini shots because she "fancied him".

Speaking on her YouTube channel: "Me and you used to text, I used to flirt with Wayne.

She then turned to the O Beach Ibiza owner and said: "I used to fancy you didn't I?"

He replied: "I used to flirt back…"

Chloe added: "We did, we used to flirt. Remember when I sent you that picture saying 'what should I wear to Ocean?'"

Wayne said: "You sent me some bikini shots babe."

Chloe replied: "I know, I did, I was literally showing off wasn't I?"

The businessman joked: "I've saved them in my favourites."

Back in February the pair left fans scratching their heads when the pals revealed that they were "engaged".

Wayne posted some snaps of the pair cuddled up together with Chloe showing off her sparkly engagement ring, but was later revealed that it was a joke.

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