‘Child’s Play’ Trailer: Chucky Gets All Dolled Up For Orion Pictures Remake

‘Child’s Play’ Trailer: Chucky Gets All Dolled Up For Orion Pictures Remake

Last year was the 30th anniversary of the original Child’s Play, which effectively melded the slasher terror of Halloween with the equally scary Cabbage Patch Dolls fad to deliver historic Hollywood horror results. This summer Chucky gets all dolled up again in a remake from Orion Pictures and KatzSmith Productions and today the first trailer hit the internet to beckon a new generation of playmates.

The remake stars Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman and Brian Tyree Henry. Lars Klevberg directs from a script by Tyler Burton Smith featuring characters created by Don Mancini. Seth Graham-Smith and David Katzenberg are the producers.

The clip begins with a faux commercial hawking a new Buddi toy and then jumps to the happy family who brings home a Buddi-gone-bad — a supernaturally animated plaything that is similar to the sentient dolls and action figures from the beloved Toy Story franchise except for the nagging problem that he is a bloodthirsty, indestructible murder machine. The original became such a cult classic that Chucky now ranks up with Jason, Freddy, Leatherface, Pinhead and Ghostface on the all-time honor roll of one-name icons of R-rated horror.

The new promo keeps the infamous little guy hidden for the most part but there’s still plenty to frighten those of us who already think It’s a Small World is the scariest Disneyland ride ever. “More Than A Toy… He’s Your Best Friend,” is the tagline for the new Child’s Play, which reaches theaters on June 21.

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