Charlotte Dawson celebrates first baby's birth with McDonalds after battling gestational diabetes

Charlotte Dawson celebrates first baby's birth with McDonalds after battling gestational diabetes

CHARLOTTE Dawson celebrated the birth of her first child by tucking into a McDonald's after overcoming gestational diabetes.

The new mum tucked into a feast of treats including Haribo sweets, Mini Eggs, and bread rolls.

Charlotte called the delivery from fiancé Matt "heaven" after restricting the types of food she could eat during the pregnancy because of her diabetes.

She shared her food order which included a double cheeseburger, chicken selects and Diet Coke.

During her pregnancy Charlotte had to inject herself with insulin four times a day, and at times it left her in tears.

Gestational diabetes is when a pregnant woman has high blood sugar and commonly occurs during the third trimester.

Matt was in a playful mood in the hospital, taking pulls of gas and air, before being told off.

Earlier this week he accidentally "let slip" their baby’s name.

A name tag reading "Prince" could be seen on his outfit in the first precious picture.

What is pregnancy related diabetes?

Pregnancy related diabetes – known as gestational diabetes – is when someone has high blood pressure that develops while pregnant.

  • It normally disappears after pregnancy
  • The disorder can begin at any stage of pregnancy, but is most common in the second or third trimester
  • It means the body cannot produce enough insulin – the hormone used to regulate blood sugar
  • It is treatable with insulin injections
  • People are more at risk if a parent or sibling has diabetes

Matt wrote alongside the snap of his baby boy: "The king is here."

He later added on Instagram: "Our boy in his mummy’s arms where he belongs! So proud of my girl @charlottedawsy.

"She was an inspiration today. Gutted I have to leave you both tonight, love you both forever."

Charlotte bravely posed for pictures during her eight-hour labour this as she sucked on gas and air from her hospital bed.

Revealing she had given birth, proud dad Matt said: "Baby and mum doing well! Thanks for the messages," the proud new dad posted on Instagram.

The new mum has been open about sharing her pregnancy with fans on Instagram and this morning her labour was no different as she appeared in snaps in her nightie with her hair scraped up into a no-fuss bun.

Proud Matt had his arm around her shoulder – and was clearly beaming with joy, despite his mouth being covered with a protective face mask.

He captioned the post: "We're all set ready for our little man!

"Charlotte's waters broke at 4.30, so proud of my girl @charlottedawsy she’s a trooper."

The little boy was born exactly a week before Charlotte's late dad Les Dawson's birthday on February 2.

The legendary comedian passed away from a heart attack in 1993 when Charlotte was just eight months old.

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