Charity fears she has lost Debbie for good in Emmerdale

Charity fears she has lost Debbie for good in Emmerdale

For a long time, the tumultuous relationship between Charity and Debbie Dingle (Emma Atkins and Charley Webb) has been more up and down than a trampolinist but with the pair having got things back on track and as good as they have ever been, Charity is really struggling with the idea of her daughter leaving Emmerdale.

Debbie has an exciting new project in Scotland, which isn’t exactly the other end of the world, but Charity is wondering how she will cope without her and, as Charity often does as a defensive mechanism, she lashed out as her daughter left.

Not wanting to leave things that way, Charity gave chase with the help of Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and issued a final plea with Debbie to stay – as she wasn’t sure if she’d ever come back this time. Debbie admitted that there was a chance she wouldn’t come back but this is what a child leaving home feels like.

She also told Charity that they would see each other soon and praised her mum for growing up enough to be in a stable and happy relationship as well as running a business. As the pair shared an embrace, Charity felt sad to see her go but much better having had the conversation.

She returned to her life with Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) and with Faith (Sally Dexter) out of the cottage, they have their own place with the kids to enjoy. With Charity now genuinely happy for Debbie, it remains to be seen whether the character will return.

For fans, it seems hopeful as the departure is to facilitate a maternity leave for Charley, who recently gave birth to her third child with Matthew Wolfenden. However, while it seems to be Charley’s intention to eventually return to the role, no official confirmation will be made until closer to the time.

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