Chanelle Hayes shows off incredible 7st weight loss after surgery and quitting 'years of junk food' obsession

Chanelle Hayes shows off incredible 7st weight loss after surgery and quitting 'years of junk food' obsession

CHANELLE Hayes showed off her dramatically slimmer figure in before and after pictures following her seven stone weight loss.

The 33-year-old star almost looked like a different person in the side-on photos where Chanelle showed off the difference after having weight loss surgery.

The Big Brother favourite posed in a sports bra and pants for both pics where she has her arms raised in front of her.

In both shots she stands smiling with her brunette hair tied in a high bun.

Chanelle, who now weighs just over 10 stone took the opportunity to tell her fans, the tops things she's learned from having weight loss surgery.

"It does not change my relationship with food," she wrote on the Instagram caption.

"Bariatric surgery is only a tool, if I don’t use it consistently and correctly it will fail. Addressing abnormal relationships with food is so important if I want to become healthier physically and mentally."

She also addressed that "not everyone will understand my choice and that’s ok".

"Believe me, it is not easy (wish it was!) and it was not an option I took lightly. But it has been the best decision I’ve made in terms of my health," Chanelle.

She also added that "exercise is different now" and that "I’ve always enjoyed working out".

"I actually feel proud to exercise and improve my body after all the junk I’ve been feeding it all these years. It’s my way of saying 'hey body, I’m sorry for abusing you…here’s an olive branch' (or a dumbbell)," expressed the mum-of-two.

"Weight looks different on everybody. I am trying to stop focussing on other people’s weights because my only competitor is myself.

"Ten people could weigh exactly the same but have completely different body compositions. Selfishly (but thankfully) I now only care about myself and mine."

Finally Chanelle wrote how she'd "grown as a person".

"I realise people may plaster on a smile – at any size – but not be ok beneath the surface. Going through this experience has really given me a better understanding of private struggles and how easy it is to hide them," she said before revealing her 'woman crush Wednesday' was herself.

"I don’t think I’ve ever been able to say that before."

Fans and celebs alike rushed to congratulate Chanelle on her transformation, telling her she should be "proud of herself".

"You look amazing!!! 👏👏👏👏👏" wrote one fan.

Another added: "Good for you Chanelle ❤️"

And a third said: "Absolute Wow!!! 👏🤩"

Chanelle revealed that she'd lost seven stone after having a gastric sleeve operation in August – reflecting on her "addiction to food", which she said "spiralled" during the first lockdown.

She added: "I'm now in the 'normal' BMI range at a weight of 10st 1lb and a total loss so far of 101lbs (7st 2lbs) in weight.

"…I didn't have surgery because I am lazy or uneducated about how to be healthy. I was an addict and felt powerless.

"It gave me a tool and physically restrained me from the huge amount of bingeing I would do."

Chanelle found fame on Channel 4's Big Brother in 2007 when she was just 19 and sported an incredibly trim figure.

The star said it was her second pregnancy that saw her weight soar, as well as the stress of moving home.

After years of yo-yo dieting, the reality star struggled to get on top of her bad habits – and saw the pounds pile on.

Chanelle says she was forced to face reality when her blood pressure rocketed and she suffered a soaring heart rate.

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