Cathy explodes with rage at Bob as he discusses her heavy periods in Emmerdale

Cathy explodes with rage at Bob as he discusses her heavy periods in Emmerdale

It’s tough for a teen to discuss their periods with their dad at the best of times, let alone an unsympathetic and completely tactless one. Ah, that’s our Emmerdale’s Bob (Tony Audenshaw).

Bob is more of an act first think later kind of guy with about as much tact as a sledgehammer, which goes down like a lead balloon at Cathy’s (Gabrielle Dowling) birthday party.

Yes, her birthday party – the scene he picks to unleash hell about her heavy periods. She’s been struggling with period shame as it is, having only disclosed her heavy periods to Bernice (Samantha Giles) after the beautician followed her home and walked in on her washing her skirt. So her dad’s outburst just about seals her embarrassment.

As it turned out, Bernice’s intrusion was for the best, as Cathy was then able to get the help she needed from Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) in the form of the pill.

But poor, dear, self-absorbed Bob is not consulted of this. After he learns from Brenda (Lesley Dunlop) that Cathy is on the pill, he loses all ability to see rationally and sees the pill only as a vehicle to allow his teenage daughter to start having sex. He completely misses the point of its medical intervention purpose. He is outraged at being frozen out and throws a hissy fit.

His hissy fit couldn’t be more poorly timed. His anger is so all consuming that he chooses during Cathy’s birthday bash as the time to confront her about her about what she’s been suffering with, and blasts her about taking oral contraception.

Mortified Cathy demands her party guests leave, leaving Bob even more distanced from his little girl.

Can he mend the damage he’s done to this fragile relationship?

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