Casualty spoilers: Will shaken to learn that Fenisha is pregnant – and he’s not the father

Casualty spoilers: Will shaken to learn that Fenisha is pregnant – and he’s not the father

WILL Noble will be shocked to learn that his girlfriend Fenisha is pregnant this week in Casualty – and that he’s not the father of the baby.

Fenisha then breaks up with the doctor when he tells her they can’t continue dating if she keeps Ethan's child.

Viewers know that new paramedic Fenisha immediately caught Will’s eye when she returned to Casualty last month. 

Viewers had briefly seen Fenisha’s face before when she went on a date with Ethan and headed home with him for a one-night stand. 

Ethan had been wondering why Fenisha hadn't returned his calls and was shocked to see she was his new colleague when she rocked up in the ED.

Fenisha and Will had instant chemistry and it didn’t take long for them to start dating – which was awkward for Ethan who clearly still fancied his chances with her. 

This week’s episodes of Casualty will see Will suggest they take their first romantic holiday as a couple. 

The upcoming scenes will see Fenisha play it cool but be secretly thrilled that Will seems so keen on her. 

Fenisha then asks Jan about holiday leave, but is suddenly brought back to reality by a shock realisation. 

Discovering that her period is late, it dawns on Fenisha that she might be pregnant. 

The paramedic's fears are confirmed by a number of positive tests. 

Fenisha worries about what to do, given that she’s only been dating Will for a few weeks. 

But Fenisha decides to put aside her personal issues as she heads off on a callout with Lev.

But disaster strikes when she's so distracted that she ends up injuring herself. 

Back in the ED, Will examines Fenisha’s shoulder but is unsettled by her awkward behaviour. 

When Will tells her she needs an X-ray, Fenisha can't keep the news hidden any longer and blurts out that she’s pregnant. 

Will is lost for words at the revelation, and even more shocked when Fenisha drops the bombshell that he’s not actually the father.

Fenisha refuses to be apologetic and explains that the pregnancy is a result of a one-night stand she had before they became a thing. 

Will tries to be understanding but implies that they can’t have a future together unless she aborts the baby.

Fenisha is shocked by Will's reaction and breaks up with him there and then.

Will this be the end of the road for the couple, or might Will realise his mistake and apologise to Fenisha?

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