Call The Midwife fans baffled as BritBox slaps show with content warning NOBODY saw coming

Call The Midwife fans baffled as BritBox slaps show with content warning NOBODY saw coming

CALL The Midwife fans have been left baffled after BritBox slapped the show with a content warning.

The streaming service has the hit BBC drama available as a boxset for anyone who fancies a binge.

The drama is about midwives in East London in the 1950s, yet BritBox still felt the need to add a warning  that it includes “surgical procedures and some scenes of distress”.

Many subscribers felt it was BritBox succumbing to the 'woke brigade', with one writing in an online forum: "Err…isn’t the clue in the title?"

Another added: "Childbirth? In a series about midwives? Surely not?" while a third simply put: "Woke alert alert."

Call the Midwife first aired in 2012 and is based on the memoirs of a convent nurse.

Starring Jenny Agutter, Helen George and Stephen McGann, there has been 10 series to date, while the Christmas Specials are a key part of the BBC's TV scheduling each year.

Over the years the show has dealt with important subject matters including miscarriages, adoption, teen pregnancies, racism and female genital mutilation.

The warning on Call the Midwife comes weeks after BritBox also placed one on classic British sitcom, Blackadder.

Meanwhile the creator of Spitting Image, which returned on BritBox last year, recently revealed he may have to curb some of its edgier elements to pacify the modern woke brigade.

He said: “I thought that working for BritBox we would have quite a lot of freedom, and we have had a lot of freedom, but times have changed and I am an old man.

“Now you have got young people working who are incredibly woke which I have sort of come around to.

“But it does make things difficult. Because you want to make people laugh. You don’t want to bloody irritate them so you have to be careful.

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