‘Bumblebee’ Review: Hailee Steinfeld Is One Fierce Heroine In Epic ‘Transformers’ Origin Story

‘Bumblebee’ Review: Hailee Steinfeld Is One Fierce Heroine In Epic ‘Transformers’ Origin Story

Hailee Steinfeld breathes new life into the ‘Transformers’ franchise with the origin story ‘Bumblebee.’ The new film, out everywhere Dec. 21, is full of action, laughs, and so much heart.

Bumblebee goes back to the roots of the Transformers franchise. What happened to Bumblebee in the years before he crossed paths with Shia LaBeouf’s Sam Witwicky in the first Transformers movie? That’s what Bumblebee explores, and the film is a heartfelt coming of age story that’s still got all that signature Transformers action.

Hailee Steinfeld stars as Charlie Watson, a teenager whose family and everyone just doesn’t quite understand her. In the wake of her father’s death, she’s never felt more alone. But when Bumblebee rolls into her life, everything changes. The lovable Autobot helps Charlie find her voice and her strength, and in return, she helps him find his as well.

Hailee is joined by John Cena, who plays Agent Jack Burns, who has a past with Bee. John, as he’s proven in movies like Trainwreck and Sisters, has great comedic timing. John can really act, and this role gives him a chance to flex even more of his comedy muscles while getting in on some of that Transformers action. Jorge Lendeborg Jr. is charming and adorable as hell as Memo, Charlie’s sidekick and love interest. Pamela AdlonJohn Ortiz, Jason Drucker, Stephen Schneider, Angela Bassett, and Justin Theroux round out this great cast.

Bumblebee focuses on the relationship between Bee and Charlie. The action comes second, maybe even third, which is refreshing. The film hones in on that nostalgia we’re always craving as well, and every single character is fully realized. Charlie coming to terms with her father’s death and moving forward is effortlessly intertwined with her journey with Bee. With this prequel, there was no pressure to follow the movies that came before it terms of storyline. There’s a freedom in that, which Bumblebee takes advantage of. Bumblebee will reignite your love for the Transformers universe and will make you remember why you fell in love with the franchise in the first place.

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