Britney Spears goes nearly topless and dirty dances to Madonna's Justify My Love as conservatorship battle heats up

Britney Spears goes nearly topless and dirty dances to Madonna's Justify My Love as conservatorship battle heats up

BRITNEY Spears left very little of her fit figure to the imagination as she showed off sultry dance moves while nearly topless. 

The 38-year-old pop star showed a serious amount of skin as she wore only teeny black string-underwear and a red halter that cupped her breasts. 

The revealing top wrapped around her neck and swooped down to her chest but left the singer’s entire stomach exposed. 

Britney’s toned legs were on full display as she danced around in black peep-toed heels that matched her lingerie. 

The Princess of Pop paid tribute to the Queen as she chose Madonna's hit Justify My Love for the video’s soundtrack.

Madonna, 62, and Britney have maintained a friendship in the past after they famously locked lips during the now-iconic VMA's kiss in 2003.

In the Instagram post, she kept a serious facial expression for the camera as she went through the routine.

Louisiana native Brit whipped around her head, sensually ran her hands down her body and swiveled her hips before bending over. 

The Grammy winner sported her signature smokey-eye look and wore her blonde hair up in a messy bun. 

She captioned the Instagram clip: “RED!!!! Ps … I usually never dance with my hair in a bun like this!!!

“I didn’t have a rubber band so I did the magic kind without one!!! Look … it stayed!!!!!”

Fans have gotten accustomed to the Toxic singer’s social media dances as she regularly shares them with her 26million followers after previously saying it makes her “happy.”

Britney remains under a strict conservatorship that is primarily controlled by her dad, Jamie Spears. 

Jamie and the star’s mom, Lynne, are said to be at odds about how to control their famous daughter’s affairs as he pushes to retain control of Britney’s estate.

Judge Penny deferred any ruling on appointing a new conservator and unsealing any legal documents until the next hearing, which will be held on November 10.

A ruling on who will ultimately run Britney's conservatorship is not expected until February 2021.

The singer's finances and assets have been controlled by the conservatorship since her 2007 mental breakdown.

Britney's fan have expressed their outrage over the situation and started a worldwide movement demanding her freedom. 

Around 50 protestors from the #FreeBritney campaign chanted their support for the star outside of her hearing in September .

Other fans showed their support by gathering online from all over the world.

The entertainment legend maintained that she had a great time this Summer in a recent Instagram clip. 

Dressed in a white top and with her tousled hair on one side over her shoulders, Britney said: "This summer has been so much fun for me.

"I learned so much, I laughed so much, I swam so much. But the most important thing that I did learn is that life has so many spontaneous gifts at each moment.

"Sometimes we need to learn how to slow down and how to embrace them all.”

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