Britney Spears boasts of accomplishments BEFORE conservatorship saying 'I know who I am' & tells critics 'kiss my a**'

Britney Spears boasts of accomplishments BEFORE conservatorship saying 'I know who I am' & tells critics 'kiss my a**'

BRITNEY Spears boasted about some of her major accomplishments BEFORE the conservatorship while she told critics to “kiss her a**!” 

The 39-year-old pop star proudly stated “I know who I am” as she shared a video montage of career highlights from moments that happened ahead of the strict court order she was placed in back in 2008.

The Instagram video started out with the princess of pop waving to a line of waiting fans during the earlier days of her career. 

It then transitioned into the popular live performance of Toxic she did for an ABC special in 2003. 

Next was a quick clip of Britney on the Madison Square Garden stage in NYC performing The Way You Make Me Feel with Michael Jackson.

She also showcased a snippet of her rocking out to Walk This Way with Aerosmith in 2001.

Also from the same year, Britney used a glimpse of her legendary I’m A Slave 4 U performance at the MTV VMA’s where she strutted across the stage with a banana python snake. 

In more vulnerable parts of the video, the singer is heard belting out ballads, such as Everytime, in front of a live audience. 

Other clips include her Austin Powers cameo as well as iconic music video clips for Toxic and Me Against The Music.

Fans are used to seeing the dancer twirling around her living room in recent months due to the conservatorship her dad, Jamie Spears, placed her in 13 years ago – which she mentioned in the caption. 

Britney fired off: "For some reason I feel like the world needs to be reminded…

“I may dance in my living room now but I sure as hell know who I am!!!! Most of these accomplishments were from BEFORE the conservatorship! 

“NUFF SAID !!! Mic drop… PS KISS MY WHITE A**!!!!!!!”

Her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, 27, agreed with his ladies accomplishments before the conservatorship and commented: “All of them! All of them…”

Britney has been in a court war with her dad, Jamie, 69, as she demands to remove her dad – and eventually herself – out of the conservatorship “NOW!’ 

Earlier this month, docs filed by Jamie Spears' lawyer stated he will be stepping down as his daughter's conservator.

However, it will still be a long road as to when – or if – Jamie will be removed from the conservatorship.

The songwriter has had a tough week as on Monday, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department responded to a “battery” incident at Britney's Los Angeles mansion, officers confirmed.


The alleged altercation with one of her housekeepers happened due to a dispute about the way Britney was treating her dog.

Despite the housekeeper filing a misdemeanor battery report with officials after Britney allegedly “slapped” a phone out of her hand, a source close to the entertainer told The Sun that she “didn’t hit anybody.”

An insider claimed: "Britney did not hit her housekeeper, she didn't hit anybody. She had no physical contact with anyone in her household. 

“There was an argument on Monday over one of Britney's dogs which led to cops being called but there were no injuries, not even a scratch. 

“Cops being called was an exaggerated reaction to the situation." 

The source continued that Britney was “upset” when cops arrived because she did not think calling them was “justified” 

Ventura Sheriff officials confirmed that there were “no physical injuries” with any parties involved. 

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