Brie Bella Can't Stop Making Fun of Nikki Bella's 'Awkward' First Date: 'It Was Really Bad'

Brie Bella Can't Stop Making Fun of Nikki Bella's 'Awkward' First Date: 'It Was Really Bad'

The “Total Bellas” stars drop by “Busy Tonight” where Brie makes fun of Nikki’s terrible flirting with “Bachelorette” star Peter Kraus.

The Bella sisters couldn’t stop laughing at just how challenging it’s been for Nikki to get back into the dating world on "Busy Tonight."

The stars of "Total Bellas" were laughing at just how out of practice Nikki has gotten at everything to do with dating, including basic flirting. For Nikki, the problem had to do with more than just her date, "Bachelorette" star Peter Kraus. It was the fact they weren’t alone. Like at all.

"I think that’s what embarrassed me a lot," she said. "Here I am having this first date and all of a sudden I look to my left and it’s like two camera crews and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, this is so weird.’ I didn’t even really want to flirt because it just was so awkward."

According to her sister Brie, she might have been better off had she followed that instinct. "No but you flirted ’cause I watched the footage back," Brie laughed. "But it was really bad. I was like, My sister needs help on dating. She’s not a good dater.

When Nikki tried to defend herself, Brie shut her down, simply saying, "You need help."

If it wasn’t bad enough the camera crews were filming everything for the new season of their hit reality show, this meant everyone got the chance to review the footage. That meant Brie saw it all, as well as their production crew, but also Nikki could relive her night of infamy.

Many people are so nervous on a first date, they don’t always remember exactly what they said or did, so it’s hard to know what happened if it does go wrong. Poor Nikki, though, couldn’t bear to watch. "I was so embarrassed of myself," she said.

She was far more in her element when she and Nikki decided it was time to "Bella" up Busy Philipps, helping the host find her inner Diva and prepare for her WWE debut. We’re not gonna lie, Busy looked pretty fierce in the outfit the came up with for her, and her name and tagline were on point.

But after watching her in action trying to take down random passersby and even her male coworkers for mansplaining breast milk (we get that impulse), we kind of have to agree with the sisters. Busy may not be ready for her ring debut. She should definitely stick to comedy, because that was pretty funny.

Check out all the shenanigans, and her amazingly "Busy" moniker, in the video below:

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