Billy Crystal Reflects on Aging and His Iconic Career: 'I Love the Fact That I'm Going to Be 72'

Billy Crystal Reflects on Aging and His Iconic Career: 'I Love the Fact That I'm Going to Be 72'

Billy Crystal is a proud septuagenarian.

The actor and comedian, who will be 72 next month, has accomplished a lot over the course of his decades-long career, and he feels “really happy” that he’s still going strong.

“I love the fact that I’m going to be 72 and I’m having a great chapter 2 and a half,” he told PEOPLE Now while sitting down for an interview with his Standing Up, Falling Down costar Ben Schwartz.

“I’m working at a level that I’m really happy with. I’m just happy to keep getting chances to do things. And I love to be approached by great young talent just to say ‘hi’ and talk,” he continued, before calling attention to his upcoming film Here Today which also stars Tiffany Haddish.

Continuing, he added: “To get a chance to do that at this point, I’m just really blessed. You wake up every day going, ‘All right, got something to do.’ And that’s a great feeling.”

The two costars also opened up about their generation-spanning friendship.

“My relationship with Ben started on the phone,” Crystal explained, adding that he agreed to be in Standing Up, Falling Down after they met for the first time.

“It was the reason I did the movie. I would only do it with Ben,” he said.

The decision to make a film with Crystal was a no-brainer for Schwartz, who grew up idolizing the star.

“If this meeting goes well, I get to act in a movie with an idol and an icon of mine, someone I’ve looked up to my whole life,” he recalled of his thought process at the time.

Another reason behind their friendship is their shared love of the Los Angeles Clippers.

During their time on set, the two men would frequently watch games together, which continued once the film had ended.

“I loved taking him to the games and we’d go together,” Crystal said, joking that the actor was “stuck” with him. “It’s constantly fun.”

“It’s also that, when we’re watching basketball together, it feels like high school hanging out with your friend. It’s just two boys watching sports, laughing, doing bits the entire time. It’s heaven,” Schwartz added.

Standing Up, Falling Down is playing in theaters now and available On Demand.

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