BBC defends Andrew Marr after 'terrible' Boris Johnson interview

BBC defends Andrew Marr after 'terrible' Boris Johnson interview

The BBC has fiercely defended Andrew Marr after a barrage of complaints following his interview with Boris Johnson earlier this month.

The corporation was blasted by viewers who felt the presenter interrupted the Prime Minister ‘too much’ and ‘showed bias against the government’.

There were also complaints that Marr summarised the interview as ‘an Englishman talking to a Scot’.

‘The Andrew Marr Show is known for its rigorous and in-depth interviews in which politicians and others in positions of power are held to account,’ a BBC spokesperson said in response.

‘Throughout the interview, Mr Marr gave the Prime Minister ample time to respond whilst also interjecting to ask follow up questions to keep the interview on track.

‘We believe the tone of the interview was measured and respectful, and Boris Johnson was able to answer in full whilst also being sufficiently challenged.

They continued: ‘In the closing moments of the interview, the Prime Minister said that Mr Marr should “break out of your characteristic gloom” and referred to “lots of reasons to be positive” about the new year.

‘Mr Marr has clarified that he wasn’t making a constitutional point by responding that it had been “an Englishman talking to a Scot”, but rather referring to what he has called his own “natural, wintry-Caledonian, comfortless, slate-grey, east-coast temperament”.

‘We believe Mr Marr’s approach throughout the interview showed the scrutiny, detail and due impartiality the audience expects.’

Many viewers complained on social media at the time of the interview.

‘Just seen the Boris Johnson interview with Andrew Marr. It was an awful watch!’ blasted one. ‘What is the point inviting the Prime Minister on to your show if you won’t let him speak uninterrupted for more than 5 seconds!?

‘Waste of time. I learnt nothing as a result. Terrible interviewing.’

Echoing a similar sentiment, another added: ‘The quality of the BBC continues to drop. Look at Marr’s interview with Boris this morning. Loaded one-sided questions opinionated interruptions.

‘Where can we can find a decent news channel?’

The Andrew Marr Show airs Sundays at 9am on BBC One.

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