BBC Breakfast fans fume over ‘pointless’ BP profits report ‘Why are energy bills so high!’

BBC Breakfast fans fume over ‘pointless’ BP profits report ‘Why are energy bills so high!’

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BBC reporter Ben Boulos joined Sally Nugent and Ben Thompson in the BBC Breakfast studio to discuss the morning’s breaking news concerning BP’s latest profits announcement. The reporter revealed the energy firm had confirmed profits of £6.95billion from April to June 2022 but viewers felt the show’s coverage failed to explain why energy prices for UK households were increasing alongside the company’s profits.

Replying to a video clip of Ben detailing the profits, @janeysass questioned: “You were asked the question ‘how can the energy companies make such a huge profit?’ You didn’t answer it. Can you answer it? It is hard to understand.”

@RichieM1968 added: “Just call these energy companies out…. they are profiteering. 

“Increasing sales prices more than the costs are increasing. How many people/families will be in fuel poverty by the end of this year?”

Lashing out BBC Breakfast guests, @11MerryMen1 tweeted: “So called expert just repeating the question about rising energy prices/profits. No attempt to answer the question or explain why…pointless. Our media is as s**t as our politicians.”

@gingola69 wrote: “@BBCBreakfast please explain why energy prices are so high. What is causing this and what are governments doing about this.”

“The media again being soft with this. Again trying to justify such extortionate profiteering! When are people going to realise that the ‘Windfall Tax’ is going to go straight back into BP’s pockets, e.g. whatever the Gov give us to help with high energy costs, will go back to BP!” @ShaunGosney said. 

@search_andrew remarked: “Typical @BBC with their usual poor coverage of the issues with an abundance of innuendo misunderstanding of the underlying issues.”

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