‘B&B’ Spoilers Reveals That Hope’s Ultimatum Shocks Steffy & Liam

‘B&B’ Spoilers Reveals That Hope’s Ultimatum Shocks Steffy & Liam

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Hope Logan Forrester (Annika Noelle) will shock Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) with a nasty ultimatum. Hope will force Liam and Steffy to choose between loved ones when she sets terms and conditions which are contrary to the holiday spirit.

All the drama started when Steffy informed Liam that Taylor Hayes (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) would be moving in with her and Kelly (Zoe Pennington). Upon hearing that Taylor was home alone with Kelly, Hope freaked out, per Inquisitr.

Steffy wasn’t having any of that and let Hope know that it wasn’t any of her business whom she left Kelly with. Hope quipped that it was Liam’s business and then asked him if he was comfortable with it.

But it seems as if Liam will support his ex-wife. He knows that Taylor helps Steffy when he can’t be there, and she loves her granddaughter dearly. Hope will be affronted, and per Soaps, will ask Liam if he would rather be with Steffy and Kelly. Of course, he will be upset because he shouldn’t be asked to choose between his daughters. She will slowly begin to unravel her own marriage by showing a side of herself that Liam is not familiar with.

Later, during the week Brooke will make some disparaging comments about Taylor. This time around, Liam won’t stand for it. He will defend Taylor to Brooke, and then point out that Brooke doesn’t have a squeaky clean past either. Both Hope and Brooke will be upset that Liam brought up the past when they believe that Taylor is the one at fault.

Since Hope is still upset with Liam siding with Steffy, and then with Taylor, she makes a shocking decision that may split their blended family forever. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that she will make an ultimatum that Taylor will not be allowed to attend the Christmas celebrations with them.

Bold and the Beautifulspoilers weekly video preview shows an irate Steffy telling Hope, “You can’t just ban my mom from Christmas!” Hope figures that if Liam won’t ban Taylor from being around Kelly, she can ban Taylor from being around herself and their unborn child. But Steffy will question her sister wife’s motives when she asks, “Isn’t that the holiday spirit?”

Hope better watch her step because she’s setting herself up for heartache with her unreasonable requests. No man wants to be separated from his child at Christmas.

Bold and the Beautiful airs weekday on CBS.

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