Bashful Liam Payne reluctant to open up about rumoured Naomi Campbell romance

Bashful Liam Payne reluctant to open up about rumoured Naomi Campbell romance

Liam Payne appeared reluctant to speak about his romance with Naomi Campbell after pal Ant Middleton questioned him about his love life.

Ant employed SAS tactics to get info out of Liam during the show they made together, Ant Middleton and Liam Payne: Straight Talking.

Specifically, Ant wanted to know about the singer's rumoured romance with supermodel Naomi.

The pair reportedly struck up a romance earlier this year, something which Liam denies.

"No," he laughed, "She was just a friend."

Ant pushed on, demanding to know if she was a "friend friend."

Liam shot back: "She was just a buddy, old  buddy, old pal."

Ant was having none of it, insisting: "Come on Liam, you know she wasn't an old buddy old pal. I think the whole world knows that."

"You believe what you want," the former One Direction star chuckled, "I'm not saying anything!

"When I like someone, I like them."

During a more heartfelt moment, Liam opened up about his ex and mother of his child, Cheryl.

He's always been candid about his respect for Cheryl, especially as a mother.

Liam told Ant: "We genuinely get on, for sure. There's just so many parallels from life that we draw from each other.

"I just hope she's happy more than anything. She deserves it, she works hard, she's a great mum."

The show's generally pretty deep, and has handled some profound emotional topics.

Liam notably opened up about the pressures of fame, telling his new pal: "For some certain circumstances I'm quite lucky to be here still.

"There are times when that level of loneliness and people getting into you everyday it's like, 'When will this end?'

"That's almost nearly killed me a couple of times."

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