‘Barry’ Season 4 Trailer: Bill Hader Is Behind Bars in HBO Dark Comedy’s Finale

‘Barry’ Season 4 Trailer: Bill Hader Is Behind Bars in HBO Dark Comedy’s Finale

[Editor’s Note: The following story contains spoilers for “Barry” Season 3.]

Barry Berkman’s final bow is almost upon us. The final trailer for the fourth and final season of “Barry,” Bill Hader’s pitch-dark comedy series, has been released by HBO, ahead of its April premiere date.

Hader, who co-created the series with Alec Berg, stars in the series as the title character, a depressed Marine vet-turned-hitman who moves to Los Angeles for an assignment, where he unexpectedly falls in with a group of aspiring actors and discovers a love for performing. Despite his questionable talent level, Barry decides to pursue this new passion and leave his criminal life behind, but finds himself frequently causing tragedy in the process.

Season 3 of the show, which aired last year, ended at a major turning point for the show; Barry, after many narrow calls, gets arrested for his crimes thanks to a sting operation carried out by his former acting teacher and mentor Gene Cousineau (Henry Winkler). The rest of the cast were put at similar crossroads: Barry’s ex-girlfriend Sally (Sarah Goldberg) killed a man and fled to her hometown of Joplin, Missouri, gay Chechen Mafioso NoHo Hank (Anthony Carrigan) rescued his lover Cristobal (Michael Irby) from his homophobic family, and Barry’s abusive father figure and criminal career Monroe Fuches (Stephen Root) was also put in prison by the police.

Season 4 picks up from that fallout, as Barry is put in prison and his actions become public knowledge. As he attempts to grapple with his demons and convince himself he’s a good person, Sally and Cousineau both struggle to process the revelation of his character, Hank attempts to find happiness with Cristobal, and a bitter Fuches seeks vengeance from Barry behind bars.

Since its premiere, “Barry” has received critical acclaim. All three seasons were nominated for the Outstanding Comedy Series award at the Emmys, and Hader and Winkler have both picked up acting wins for their work.

After directing many of the most acclaimed episodes of the past three seasons — including last year’s iconic motorcycle chase — Hader will step up to direct all eight episodes of the final season; last season saw him and Berg evenly split directorial duties. Both creators executive produce the series with Aida Rodgers and Liz Sarnoff, while Duffy Boudreau co-executive produces and Julie Camino produces.

The first two episodes of “Barry’s” final season premiere on HBO and HBO Max on April 16, starting at 10:00 p.m. EST. Following that, the remaining episodes of the show roll out weekly on Sundays. The series finale will debut on May 28 — in something of an end of an era for HBO, that’s the same night one of the channel’s other acclaimed series that premiered in 2018, “Succession,” ends its four-season run.

Watch the full trailer for “Barry” Season 4 below.

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