Antoni Porowski Slams Ramona Singer for Tasteless Comment About Bethenny Frankel's Late Boyfriend

Antoni Porowski Slams Ramona Singer for Tasteless Comment About Bethenny Frankel's Late Boyfriend

Sonja Morgan also explains why her “RHONY” co-star’s make-out sesh with Harry Dubin “repulsed” her.

"Queer Eye" star Antoni Porowski thinks "Real Housewives of New York" star Ramona Singer needs a "sensitivity" makeover after that tasteless comment she made about Bethenny Frankel’s late boyfriend, Dennis Shields, who died of an overdose in August of last year.

Antoni and Ramona’s co-star/partner in crime, Sonja Morgan, stopped by "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" Wednesday following the "RHONY" episode in which Ramona blurted out, "How smart can Dennis be? I mean, he was on drugs." She later apologized on Twitter, but Antoni thinks more needs to be done.

When a caller asked Antoni who of the New York Housewives was most in need of a "Fab Five" makeover, he paused to think for a second before cautiously replying, "Well, the only one who I think would need a makeover…"

"Ramona!" Sonja shouted. "She needs a makeover. She’s gorgeous. She’s gorgeous. She’s gorgeous! But the royal blue…"

While Sonja was still screaming, Antoni calmly added, "Well, since you said it, I think she has a lot going for her. And I know you mentioned that she apologized for what she said, but I think a little lesson in sensitivity to things that are actually really serious — with the comment that she made about Bethenny’s ex."

"She’s a gorgeous-looking lady, though!" Sonja said of her BFF, later adding, "I do love her, but sometimes I want to punch her face in."

Andy also asked Sonja about her reaction to seeing those photos of Ramona and Sonja’s ex, Harry Dubin, making out. Harry also hooked up with Luann de Lesseps and was married to former ‘Wife Aviva Drescher.

"Oh, my God. I was repulsed!" Sonja said with disgust. "I mean, I don’t wanna make out with Ramona, and I don’t want Harry making out with Ramona, okay? I’m not mad at Ramona, but I am so upset with Harry because — don’t propose to me, don’t throw rings at me, we dated 30 years ago, you cheated on me, okay? And I broke up over that. Then you married Aviva, she threw her leg (she did actually throw her prosthetic leg during an explosive season finale), you came back to me, I went on a picnic with you on my show and then you gave me Ramona’s ring!"

The Best of Sonja Morgan

Sonja was in rare form last night. So just because we love her, here’s every ridiculous thing she said/did:

A caller phoned in to ask Sonja, "From one bottom to another, what are some of the advantages of sleeping with younger men?"

"Well, they can get on top for hours," she replied. (Sonja’s tagline this season is: "People call me over-the-top, but lately, I prefer being a bottom.")

Another caller, who actually had a question for Antoni, told Sonja, "Based on your look, a lot of us would bottom for you tonight."

"Oh, you’d bottom for me?" she replied. "I like that. But are you gay? Because I like to be on the bottom. I’m tired."

Another caller began serenading Sonja and Antoni when summoned by Andy to ask his question. Without hesitation, Sonja jumped up out of her seat and began dancing around the room.

"Caburlesque, baby!" she shouted as she swayed her hips and twirled about.

"What is going on right now?" Andy asked rhetorically. Naturally, Sonja answered. "We have no control in the control room!" she shouted as she flipped her ponytail. "This is my kinda show! Cut. Snap. Taxi! It’s not American Express."

The caller finally got to his question. "Sonja, is there a warehouse full of those toaster ovens?" he asked.

"Okay, so here’s the thing," Sonja replied, still shouting, "I have an international fashion lifestyle brand, in case Amy Phillips hasn’t driven that home. So eventually, I would like to have home wear."

Then Antoni began chanting, "Bring the toaster back," which only added fuel to Sonja’s already out-of-control fire.

"Nobody asked me about my shoes," she blurted out right as Andy moved on to the next caller. "I have two different colors on. I couldn’t decide which one! You guys never notice anything." Indeed, Ms. Morgan had on one gold heel and one silver heel. "And I’m wearing my underwear!" she added.

The caller was eventually able to ask his question, and it was for Sonja. He wanted to know if she was still in touch with former ‘Wife Carole Radziwill.

"Okay, I would say without Carole, and I never had a problem with Carole, we were good friends," Sonja rambled. "People say I don’t stay in touch. You know, I went to Paris. I ate croissants and I didn’t even go to museums, but Tinsley has come into her own. You’re gonna see this season Tinsley being Tinsley, and it’s been really a lot of fun."

Antoni interrupted to add, "The only thing I’ll say quickly about Tinsley is that those bellinis from Petrossian that she took out — you need to let those warm up before you put caviar on them."

Antoni’s comment had to do with the caviar Tinsley Mortimer brought Dorinda Medley on a recent episode, but that point was lost when Sonja blurted out, "Honey, I don’t need any caviar warmed up. I am a vacuum cleaner. I am a Hoover on those suckers!"

Perhaps the best Sonja moment of the evening was when a caller asked if she had finally gotten curtains in her new apartment.

"Yes, but I didn’t want to rush into it," she replied. "I’m very conservative, so I duct-taped up towels in the meantime. I don’t want to jump into blinds."

"You duct-taped up towels?" Antoni asked in shock.

"Well, it’s classy! I have them monogrammed!" Sonja replied. Andy just about fell out of his chair. "It’s practical!" Sonja shouted. "I cook in a toaster oven, I use Sharpie markers, I’m a practical woman!"

"The Real Housewives of New York" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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