Annika episodes explained for BBC’s latest crime drama starring Nicola Walker

Annika episodes explained for BBC’s latest crime drama starring Nicola Walker

Trailer for BBC’s Annika

Annika is a new BBC drama based on the BBC Radio 4 show Annika Stranded and it originally aired on Alibi.

Detective Inspector Annika Strandhed (played by Nicola Walker) is in the Scottish Police and has recently been transferred to the Glasgow Marine Homicide Unit (MHU).

She brings along her teenage daughter and their turbulent relationship is shown across each episode.

In August 2022, the series was confirmed to be returning for a second season ahead of its BBC release. has all you need to know about how many episodes there are.

How many episodes are in Annika? 

The detective series follows the fourth-wall-breaking Detective Inspector Annika Strandhed who tackles unusual murder cases that wash up on Scotland’s shores.

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Viewers will be pleased to hear the show, which is made up of six episodes, is available to watch in its entirety now on iPlayer.

This means viewers do not have to wait until the weekend for the next instalment if they find themselves hooked.

The series previously aired on UKTV’s Alibi in August 2021 and will return to the channel for its second season later this year.

The synopsis for the first episode reads: “On her first day in the new role, Annika and the team are called in to solve the murder of a man found in the Clyde, a harpoon piercing his head.”

It appears each episode will focus on a different murder case, with episode two explaining: “When a body is found on a boat in the Clyde, the case takes the team to the Isle of Bute.

“Evidence points to a jilted lover, but as the team investigate, a darker secret starts to emerge.”

PBS took part in a question and answer session with star Nicola, who said of her direct-to-camera segments: “On the first day, I kept stopping and laughing.

“It felt so wrong. But by the end, I was so into it, I was flicking looks at the camera all the time.

“I’m very worried about my next job now – ‘why does she keep looking down the lens?’ It might have ruined me for the future!”

Annika airs on BBC One on Saturdays from 9.15pm, with the whole series on iPlayer.

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