AMC Theaters To Offer "1920s Prices" For Opening Day

AMC Theaters To Offer "1920s Prices" For Opening Day

The largest theater chain in the United States is hoping to tempt movie-goers back with ridiculously low prices on opening day. When AMC Theaters opens in the US on August 20, it will offer movie tickets for 15 cents.

The chain is calling the promotion “Movies in 2020 at 1920 prices,” a reference to an era when talkies were much cheaper–along with cars, houses, and pretty much everything else. The promotional price will only apply on opening day, when AMC plans to open more than 100 of its theaters. That’s about one-sixth of its locations, so check if your local cinema is planning to open before digging in your couch cushions.

The theater won’t have new releases to show on opening day, so it will open with older movies like Ghostbusters, Black Panther, Back to the Future, and Grease. After the opening day promotion, those movies will remain in rotation for $5 instead.

Movie studios are starting to roll out their release plans shortly after AMC’s planned reopening. Disney’s New Mutants has been slated for August 28, followed by Tenet on September 3. AMC will be opening more theaters progressively, expecting about two-thirds of its locations to be open in time for Tenet.

Regal Cinemas, AMC’s largest competitor, will reopen some of its locations on August 21. Movie chains will be operating at reduced capacity and require face masks.

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