Aldi’s ‘savage swipe’ at M&S in Christmas advert leaves fans in stitches

Aldi’s ‘savage swipe’ at M&S in Christmas advert leaves fans in stitches

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Aldi's new Christmas advert has won the hearts of fans after they spotted a subtle "dig" at its supermarket rival, Marks & Spencer.

The highly anticipated commercial adapts Charles Dickens' famous tale "A Christmas Carol" and features footballer Marcus Rashford, who lends his voice as a radish in the story.

But eagle-eyed viewers noticed an incredible detail – involving Cuthbert the Caterpillar – that left them impressed, saying Aldi has "already won the Christmas advert war".

The controversial character was at the centre of a legal battle with Marks & Spencer earlier this year over an intellectual property claim which argued that Aldi infringed the trademark of M&S' Colin the Caterpillar.

As Liverpool Echo report, the beginning of the clip shows a caterpillar being arrested by two lemon characters known as the "peelers", which is an old term describing the first police officers.

One fan said: "Check out Cuthbert getting arrested in the background! I aspire to be as savage a marketer as Aldi."

"Cuthbert the caterpillar being arrested by sour lemons in the background…Aldi have just won the Christmas ad game," a second wrote.

A third called it a "genius trolling" while a fourth added: "British comedy at its best."

But fans also noticed how the Aldi Christmas advertisement is packed with brilliant puns.

The main character, Ebanana, is a clever word play on Ebenezer Scrooge, the grumpy man who despises Christmas in the original Charles Dickens story.

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There's also "tiny Tom" the cherry tomato, and "Peace and Goodwill" – two peas in hats.

"Another great job Aldi. Loved the Twitter run up and the amount of puns you have crammed into 60 seconds," a fan commented.

Last week, John Lewis released their Christmas advertisement, which features a space-travelling alien making friends with a 14-year-old boy, but fans slammed the "lonely" mood amid child safety concerns.

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