Agents of Shield season 7 air time: What time does Agents of Shield air?

Agents of Shield season 7 air time: What time does Agents of Shield air?

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Agents of Shield season seven is now airing on ABC and this season will be the show’s final instalment. In the series, Phil Coulson (played by Clark Gregg) and the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D are sent back in time to New York City in the year 1931. Fans are wondering what time the episodes air and has everything you need to know.

What time does Agents of Shield air?

Agents of Shield has been airing weekly on ABC and each episode starts at 9pm in the US.

Each episode is about 40 minutes long, and the most recent episode, episode 11, aired on August 6.

The season finale is due to air on August 12, and two final episode will be shown across two hours.

Sadly fans in the UK are unable to watch the series on ABC, but it is hoped they will be able to access it soon.

E4 revealed it would not be broadcasting the final season in the UK, but Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus were strong contenders to take up the series.

The final season focuses on the agents as they travel back to the 1930s to prevent war.

Chronicoms are preparing for battle and if the agents are unable to stop them, it could mean devastation.

The trailer for season seven shows the Chronicoms landing in New York and they are quick to cause havoc, killing a number of police officers.

Coulson warns the agents must save Hydra – an organisation with world domination in mind.

Actor Darren Barnet joined the season seven cast as Wilfred Malick, and the star shared a video of his character on Twitter.

Ahead of the season seven premiere, he said: “Tonight, May 27, 10/9c you get to meet this guy.

“Strap in for a wild ride back in time on @AgentsofSHIELD the final season.”

Fans have already taken to social media to share their thoughts on the final season, and they are very emotional.

One viewer said: “The fact this show is almost [over] is breaking my heart. I love this show so much.”

Ahead of each episode the official Twitter account for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D has been posting snippets for fans.

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The most recent video showed agent Daisy Johnson (Chloe Bennet) on an aircraft and she says it will be the team’s last mission together.

She is clearly not ready to say goodbye to the family she has grown to love.

She said: “You guys are my family, I don’t know who I am without you guys.” Thousands of fans have liked the emotional video.

One fan responded: “The writers on this show are really trying to destroy me in every way.”

In the meantime, there is plenty of content on the ABC website, including short ‘related clips’ from the series.

Other cast members starring in this season include Ming-Na Wen as Agent Melinda May, Jeff Ward as Agent Deke Shaw and Natalia Cordova as Agent Elena Rodriguez.

Lil Henstridge is back as Agent Jemma Simmons, Iain De Caestecker is Agent Leo Fitz and Henry Simmons plays Director Alphonso ‘Mack’ Mackenzie.

The series, based on the well-known Marvel comics, made its debut back in 2013 and more than 100 episodes have aired.

The first five seasons were made up of 22 episodes, but the final two seasons dropped to 13 episodes each.

The final season has one of the highest viewer ratings so far, with fans saying it deepens the exploration of space and relationships between characters.

Agents of Shield is available to watch on ABC

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