A Place in the Sun’s Laura Hamilton despairs at picky guests ‘Not being honest!’

A Place in the Sun’s Laura Hamilton despairs at picky guests ‘Not being honest!’

A Place In The Sun: Guest says she hates the tiles on patio

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Presenter Laura Hamilton was tasked with finding couple Bob and Sammi a holiday home near the lively resort of Corralejo, in Fuerteventura. Despite Laura’s best attempts at finding a property the couple could both agree on within their £150,000 budget, her choices kept getting rejected left, right and centre. 

During Friday afternoon’s episode, Sammi and Bob explained they wanted a property that would accommodate their five grandchildren if they were able to visit. 

While Laura thought the first apartment, priced below budget, was “perfect” for the couple, they were quick to disagree. 

Bob said: “I don’t think it would work as there wouldn’t be enough room if any of the grandchildren were to come over and visit.”

Laura took the couple outside to the terrace in a bid to impress them and explained: “I’m trying my hardest here.” 

Bob was also fussy about the second property Laura had picked out for him and his wife. 

After showing the pair around the home, Laura left them to have a private discussion which ended up getting heated. 

Sammi, who approved of the second property, asked Bob: “What is it you don’t like as I can see a lot of potential here?”

He replied: “I don’t mind the bedrooms, the bedrooms are fine. It’s just that living area in there [I don’t like].”

The presenter then showed Sammi and Bob around a third property which Bob seemed more enthusiastic about as it was more spacious than the previous homes. 

However, Laura said: “Bob I feel like you love the space, but Sammi I feel like there is something you’re not being honest about.”

Sammi bluntly replied: “I hate the tiles, and it’s just a big job.”

Sammi explained she couldn’t live with the cream floor tiles everywhere, despite Bob’s best efforts to get her to warm to them. 

Laura, who could notice the tension mounting between the couple again, said: “Oh god is this another disagreement? So just how quickly would you want to change these tiles?”

Sammi jokingly replied: “[I would have changed them] yesterday.”

Laura started laughing in despair while Bob was nodding his head in agreement with his wife. 

The property expert, who had not yet admitted defeat, encouraged the couple to look around the entire home before making any final decisions. 

However, they were not blown away and Laura was starting to lose hope in finding Sammi and Bob a home they could both agree on. 

During the viewing of the next house, Sammi told Laura: “I am not feeling this at all.”

In the end, Sammi’s heart was with the fifth property, which was an apartment, whereas Bob made it clear he wanted a house. 

Laura said they stayed in the area for a couple of days to weigh up their options, but could not reach an agreement. 

A Place In The Sun continues weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4. 

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