40 Xmas & New Year soap spoilers: Tragic deaths, huge goodbye murderer caught

40 Xmas & New Year soap spoilers: Tragic deaths, huge goodbye murderer caught

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but there won’t be too many smiles in the land of soap this year – with chaos, devastation and death on the cards!

EastEnders is, as always, the one to watch this festive season, with the huge exits of both Mick Carter and Janine Butcher to come.

The way in which the pair are set to depart, of course, remains shrouded in mystery, but if you – like the rest of the nation – have been desperately awaiting the moment Janine gets her comeuppance then you absolutely WON’T want to miss this year’s big Christmas episode.

It’s a game-changer!

Coronation Street, meanwhile, sees Tyrone Dobbs’ plan to wed to Fiz Stape go awry when she gets stranded on a country road without her phone – but will she make it home in time to say: ‘I do’?

Over in Emmerdale, Cain Dingle receives a major shock when long-lost brother Caleb arrives in the village, determined to get answers.

And Hollyoaks sees Bobby Costello face the music, while Olivia Bradshaw walks down the aisle to marry Prince McQueen – after committing her most dastardly act yet! If you can’t wait to see it all, remember all of Hollyoaks festive and New Year outings can be streamed on All4 right now!

But in the meantime, here’s our gift to you, with a huge guide of all of this year’s must-see Xmas and New Year moments from the soaps, wrapped up in a nice big bow.


1. Janine’s time is up, as Shirley heads to The Vic with Linda by her side, determined to expose the schemer. Janine, meanwhile, spots Jada Lennox returning home for a festive lunch with Sharon and – determined to stop Linda from crossing paths with her – she invites both Linda and Shirley to stay for Christmas dinner, which comes as a big shock to them both. But Jada and Scarlett are both later brought into the equation, and all hell breaks loose as a result!

2. Mick’s world implodes around him, as he is finally forced to face a harsh reality. Desperate for the answers, the landlord demands the truth but Janine flees Albert Square. Mick, with Linda in tow,  jumps in the car and follows a desperate Janine and the events which ensue result in Christmas Day becoming Mick Carter’s last in Walford.

3. The residents of Walford wake up to the confusing news that The Vic isn’t opening and news continues to spread about what has happened – leaving everyone stunned.

4. Alfie is determined to spend Christmas with his family, and he’s got a festive surprise in store for Kat and the boys. Abseiling from the roof in a Santa outfit! Phil, meanwhile, learns that Kat has agreed to let Alfie stay until the New Year, and it’s safe to say that he’s livid! The hard-man later spots Alfie up on the roof, but just what will he do next? That remains to be seen, but chaotic events ensue over the dinner table as Phil finds out what exactly has happened in his absence.

5. Phil later goes missing. Kat and Keanu try to find him, with Kat confronting Keanu, demanding to know what’s going on between him and Phil. Sam is left intrigued by their conversation.

6. Jean and Freddie enjoy a boardgames night towards the end of the year, and Bobby soon gets roped in too. Harvey arrives, and the boys ditch Jean for a party. Jean, meanwhile, invites Harvey in and they subsequently have a lovely evening, which ends with a kiss. Afterwards, Jean frets – and Stacey sees Harvey showing Martin a ring-sized box!

7. A New Year party at the Slaters end in tragedy, as both Lily and Eve collapse in shocking scenes. The ambulances are summoned and Bobby alerts the paramedics, who tell everyone to evacuate the house immediately. It’s a carbon-monoxide leak! Stacey rushes to hospital to be by Lily’s bedside, but will she be okay? Will Eve for that matter?

8. Whitney musters up the courage to make a move on Zack, but as she goes to speak to him, Zack reveals that he’s been offered the opportunity of a lifetime. 

9. Nish distracts himself from the Eve and Lily situation with business, determined to strong-arm Ben into doing a deal on the Arches. Things, however, take an interesting turn, as Ben explains to him that the deal is off – and it’s safe to say that Nish is not pleased!

10. The Fox-Brannings have a nightmare when chef Kim takes control of Christmas dinner and destroys their lunch. Denise says they will go with Raymond to the Mitchells and throw themselves at their mercy. Kim doesn’t want to beg for scraps from Phil, but Denise insists.

Coronation Street

11. Fiz is left disappointed with Tyrone’s Christmas gifts, unaware he’s secretly planning a wedding. Things, however, are seriously complicated when Fiz leaves the house to buy a turkey, leaving her phone behind, and disaster strikes when her car breaks down on a country road. Has Ty’s wedding plan backfired?

12. Jenny confides in Ken how Daniel was planning to propose to Daisy but the engagement ring was stolen in the burglary. Ken’s left thoughtful. Can Daniel pull off his proposal after all?

13. Teddy heads to the Rovers, armed with new information about missing Leo. Stephen confronts Teddy, who reveals that Leo never arrived in Canada – the texts he sent came from Weatherfield and he intends to break the news to Jenny. But as Teddy crosses the street, he’s hit by a van!

14. Stephen’s relieved to see £10,000 in his account. When Jenny reveals that she’s had a call from the hospital informing her that Teddy’s taken a turn for the worse, Stephen is thrilled. Stephen tells Jenny that just before Teddy’s accident, he confided in him that he saw Leo in Canada and he made it very clear that he never wanted to see either of them again. 

15. Laurence tells Todd that it’s clear he doesn’t like him and would welcome a chance to change his mind. Todd thaws over a bottle of wine and when Laurence goes to leave, Todd leans in for a kiss!

16. Summer calls at Mike and Esther’s house and hands them an envelope containing her wages. Esther relents and invites her in and they discuss surrogacy, with Summer telling the couple she’s prepared to talk to their solicitor.

17. Roy vanishes ahead of a bat group meeting, having agreed to takes Evelyn to a friend’s house. Nina and Brian receive word that the meeting has been cancelled, but Roy has forgot his phone so they can’t notify him. It’s a race against time to track him down, and Nina and Brian are left fearing the worst after a chilling discovery. Believing that her uncle is in danger, Nina slides down the hill towards the river but tragedy strikes as she slips and bangs her head, tumbling down into the river!

18. Max moves in with Griff after an argument with David. Toyah warns David of how dangerous Griff is, and Max may soon come to realise that for himself, as he discovers what the extremist is planning. Lauren, meanwhile, receives a call from her dad warning her to stay away from the market. Max reckons they should call the police, but will they get there in time?

19. Gemma confides in Bernie that she’d like to get married, and Bernie advises her to take charge and start organising the wedding as Chesney will be thrilled.

20. Damon offers Jacob a full time job at the bistro on double the money he’s getting at the factory.


21. Cain receives a visitor in prison: It’s Caleb! Caleb reveals that he’s shocked their mother Faith died recently, given that Cain had told him over 30 years ago that she was already dead. Yep, you guessed it, Caleb is Cain’s brother! The newcomer wants answers, but Cain tells him to stay away.

22. Chas is left feeling lonely on Christmas Day with nowhere to go, and thus she leaves with her mother’s firework in tow, visiting Grace’s grave, reading out a card given to her by Faith. A stranger, however, approaches with some bombshell news just as Faith’s firework takes off, leaving Chas in complete and utter shock.

23. A flashback to 1991 reveals the full story behind Caleb and Cain.

24. Stress levels rise for Paddy as he accidentally gives Vinny’s dog an overdose of sedative, and he sits hopelessly in his car, struggling to come to terms with what has transpired.

25. Liam arrives for Christmas dinner at the Dingles, knowing he’s got two other houses to visit for festive lunch, and thus he turns down a plate of food – but he’s got no such luck! The GP arrives at Holdgate for his second meal, stuffed from his first! Afterwards, he walks through the village, where Bernice spots him, telling him they’ve saved him some food. The former couple share a charged moment which ends in a kiss.

26. Greg threatens to ruin Ethan’s reputation if they don’t drop their complaint against him. Ethan then subsequently confronts Greg after he review bombs Marcus’ business!

27. Jacob lies to his friends, claiming Liam is his dad. David overhears Jacob’s friend refer to Leyla and Liam as Jacob’s mum and dad, which leaves Jacob mortified and David heartbroken.

28. Bernice has an idea when Eric reveals that a position at the B&B may be up for grabs. Brenda, meanwhile, tells shocked Nicola that she and Pollard are retiring and Bernice shows off her plans for the B&B. Bernice is chuffed when Pollard gives her the job, but Mandy is not best pleased with what has happened.

29. Gabby is unimpressed when Kim warns her off of Nicky. Billy and Dawn, meanwhile, share a smile, happy that Nicky is settling in with the kids. Dawn, however, is soon upset to learn that she’s missed out on all the fun that Nicky has had with Clemmie and Lucas while she was at work, and she therefore makes a drastic decision.

30. April’s bolstered after Naomi gives her a pep talk regarding Arthur but Marlon and Rhona are exasperated over April’s attitude. When Rhona catches April wearing bright nail varnish, she links her new attitude to Naomi’s influence.


31. Felix is on a mission too find out just how exactly the fire at Price Slice happened, while Goldie and John Paul, who both have their own suspicions about the blaze, begin an investigation of their own, making a shock discovery.

32. Mercedes sacrifices everything for her little boy Bobby but she wants answers, as she demands that Bobby come clean about what he’s done. More heartbreak then ensues for the mother and son duo, as the manhunt comes to a head, with Bobby ultimately making a sacrifice of his own – and he’s later questioned by the police.

33. Olivia couldn’t be more excited about her impending nuptials, but things take a shock turn when Prince is branded a ‘hero’ after going viral in an online video, which leaves her seething with rage. Hunter, meanwhile, returns, and in a cruel act of betrayal, Olivia sleeps with him on the night before the wedding!

34. Everyone gets ready for the wedding, but some villagers struggle to remain all smiles, covering up heartbreaking truths that could well and truly scupper the happy occasion. Olivia’s betrayal comes out in an explosive moment of confession, and she then reveals exactly what she thinks of the McQueens.

35. Beau will have some serious explaining to do when Nancy catches him on an adult site. Nancy starts an investigation, doing a little digging into her new colleague and her efforts pay off, as she makes a shock discovery – and tells Beau that she intends to relay her findings to Sally.

36. Imran prepares to leave for the clinic and says his goodbyes to his loved ones, but when he arrives, he meets a girl called Justine, and a conversation leads to him running away, much to his family’s shock. Misbah reports him missing to the police. Zain, however, finds Imran collapsed in the village, bringing him home, but his health takes a turn and he’s rushed to hospital.

37. Misbah is found out for having tampered with Imran’s records, and Dr Lewis informs her that she could lose her job for what she’s done.

38. Maxine offers to help Tony give Verity the send-off she deserves, but it’s simply a ploy to get Eric to open up about his childhood in the hopes she can guess his computer password. She convinces James to help with her, showing him a letter from Eric’s former flatmate, Seamus, in which he tells Eric to change before it’s too late. Seamus then shows up, telling them that Eric is dangerous!

39. Felix tells Mercedes that he thinks they should just be friends after what happened with Bobby, but Mercedes is desperate for a distraction.

40. Hungover Cindy, Zara and Grace try to remember what they got up to last night, and Grace breaks the news that their brownie pitch is today, not tomorrow.

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