WWE News: NXT Superstar Denies Release Rumors, Slams Wrestling Website

WWE News: NXT Superstar Denies Release Rumors, Slams Wrestling Website

A top NXT star lets a wrestling website know they are dead wrong.

The Internet Wrestling Community can either deliver the up-to-date news or provide some of the strangest rumors around, but it’s often hard to determine which is which. Wrestlers in WWE or Ring of Honor or NJPW or any promotion are the only ones that really know what is going on in their careers. That’s why it’s always interesting when one superstar calls out a wrestling website for reports that don’t even have the slightest amount of truth to them.

Kassius Ohno, formerly known as Chris Hero, has been a member of NXT for a few years now, and he’s been doing well. There have been a number of NXT call-ups to the WWE main roster lately, though, and he was not one of them.

As he continues in NXT, a rumor started circulating in the last couple of days that he was likely to be released soon. BodySlam.net recently reported an exclusive scoop that Ohno was expecting his release from his WWE contract soon, but it wasn’t clear if he requested his release or if his current deal was just about to expire.

The report even stated rumors that Ohno had reached out to numerous independent wrestling organizations to tell them he would soon be available for bookings. Despite the details in the report, it appears as if none of it is true.

BodySlam.net went on to say how this is Kassius Ohno’s second run with WWE as he had been in Florida Championship Wrestling years before. For some reason, though, they were of the belief that his time with NXT was about to come to an end.

Once word of the report started making the social media rounds, it had found its way to the eyes of Ohno. The NXT superstar could have ignored it, but he wasn’t going to just let the website get away with false information.

After Ohno squashed the rumors, BodySlam responded on Twitter, but they stood by their initial report and source.

I’ll gladly write up your response to the report and share it also. But I am confident in my source and what I was told. But thanks for the support. Will gladly put out your side of it as well.

— BODYSLAM.NET (@BodyslamNet) December 22, 2018

As with any and all sports, wrestling is not free of the rumors that are always circulating online. Kassius Ohno is under contract to WWE and is doing well in NXT, but some outlets appear to believe he is receiving his release soon. For now, Ohno is going to continue where he’s at, but one day he could be up on WWE’s main roster.

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