Who is Kyle Berkshire? | The Sun

Who is Kyle Berkshire? | The Sun

GOLFER Kyle Berkshire is considered the World Long Drive champ

Only aged 26, how did he get so far in the world of golf?

Who is Kyle Berkshire?

Born on November 1st, 1996 in Crofton, Maryland in the US, Berkshire is a golf player with quite an achievement in the sport, considering his age.

His first took up golf, when he was at his High school in Maryland.

There he helped the Spalding golf team win two-match play and two-stroke play MIAA (Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association) state championships.

Berkshire spent the first two years of his college career playing for the University of North Texas, after which he transferred to the University of Central Florida.


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He resides in Orlando in the state of Florida, where they have one of the best golf courses in the country.

What is Kyle Berkshire's net worth?

Only at the age of 26, Berkshire has made himself a fortune as a professional golf player.

His net worth is estimated at around $10 million £8.26 million, with the main source of income from his career as a World Long Drive competitor.

This has given him the opportunity to enjoy a luxury lifestyle and shiny sports cars.

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Berkshire is considered to be one of the richest and most influential among World Long Drive competitors.

How long can Kyle Berkshire drive?

It is his long drive that earned Berkshire his fame and popularity.

During the World Long Drive Championship in September 2019, Berkshire was competing against Burke, a two-time champion in 2013 and 2015.

On just his second ball, Berkshire outdrove the two-time champion to claim his first World Long Drive Championship title belt.

His "stock" 6-iron goes 240 yards. But Berkshire has hit, on camera, an 8-iron over 300 yards.

His longest drive is 492 yds. and remains a high figure in the history of long drives.

What is Kyle Berkshire's swing speed?

Berkshire constantly breaks his own and world records in swing speed, often going 229 mph.

Although it is not an "official" world record, it is believed there are only two people in golf capable of producing such numbers.

One is Berkshire and the other is Martin Borgmeier from Germany, who has hit 232mph in the past. 

Berkshire often practices his swing speed and posts videos of his record speed swings on his Instagram account.

To put into perspective how impressive his achievements are, the PGA Tour ball speed average is 171mph and Berkshire is 65mph faster. 

What clubs does Kyle Berkshire use?

Berkshire combines his talent for gold with top-quality clubs, for the perfect result.

His collection is worth thousands of dollars and writing for Golf Digest, he reveals what is in his bag.

Most of Berkshire's clubs are by the company Cobra, and he has clubs from the basic range to the most expensive one.

Talking about his driver club he said: "When I play golf, my Cobra driver is between 6 and 7 degrees. For long drive it’s between 1.5 and 7 degrees. It all depends on wind, altitude, etc".

He describes his Iron as his favourite club, he uses the Cobra King Forged Chrome CB (3-PW) and has been using cavity-back irons since he has been 7 years old.

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