Vancouver Island mountain biker’s ‘death-defying’ stunt goes viral

Vancouver Island mountain biker’s ‘death-defying’ stunt goes viral

A Vancouver Island mountain biker’s video is going viral for a stunt that is being called “death-defying.”

Jordie Lunn built, then rode a near-vertical ramp coming down a tree trunk.

“It’s a pretty crazy feeling, definitely,” said Lunn, a professional who has been riding for more than two decades.

One piece at a time, he built the ramp stretching about 20 metres high along a massive tree trunk. It comes down at an 80 degree angle.

“I sort of eventually talked myself into it and started, and had to commit from there,” said Lunn.

But he said building it was the easy part.

“The first time I went to ride that one, I backed out of it. I knew I had to make changes to make it work.”

After creating a more mellow entry at the top of the ramp, Lunn went back for a second attempt. This time, there was no second guessing.

“Just get on the bike and go at that point,” he said.

Cameras captured the single drop from all angles. Showing Lunn successfully riding down the tree trunk, barely clinging to the track. He amazingly only suffered some minor injuries.

“Yeah, to my undercarriage,” he said, laughing.

Still, he considers it well worth it. The video, now posted online as a third installment of a series, has been viewed nearly half a million times.

“It’s been overwhelming, the reaction we’ve got has been awesome,” said Lunn. “Yeah, we’re pumped.”

Now, he’s looking to top the stunt by pushing the limits even further.

“You can’t go ride something that someone else has already ridden,” he said. “You have do something new and unique.”

You can watch the full length video here.

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