Troy Deeney: Harry Kane WILL get his transfer… and his Tottenham team-mates will forget it and move on

Troy Deeney: Harry Kane WILL get his transfer… and his Tottenham team-mates will forget it and move on

AFTER everything that has gone on this summer, I think Harry Kane will get his move.

Daniel Levy will be very, very happy with Sunday’s result, winning 1-0 against Manchester City, who will now get to Tottenham’s number and evaluation — however much that is.

There are those who will be wondering how the rest of the Tottenham squad will be dealing with this situation from behind the scenes. All the drama and gossip.

You want to know the God’s honest truth? The Spurs players will forget it and move on.

They will be focused on their performances and pushing for their place in the starting XI.

With Kane leaving, it frees up somebody else.

Now, Son Heung-min is playing as the main striker. That wasn’t happening last year as he was playing off the left to accommodate Kane.

In football, and especially in that Tottenham dressing room in and amongst the players, everybody is looking around for their vested interest in whether Kane stays or goes.


The mentality of most sportsmen is survival of the fittest.

Tottenham want to have the best possible team for this season, obviously, because they want to win games.

People won’t like to admit to it, but in any line of work, you have to be selfish.

Whether that is Kane wanting to leave, or Levy wanting to keep him and not accept an offer, or Son wanting to be the main man,

You need to be selfish to get to where you need to be. It is the same in football as it is in life. The Tottenham squad won’t care too much but of course it has been, and will be, hyped up and made into a drama when it is just another piece of business and another transaction that is happening at the club.

And it was evident for everyone watching the game against City — they need a No 9.


It is refreshing to see that there is a return of the proper No 9, with Romelu Lukaku at Chelsea, Edinson Cavani at Manchester United and Kane wherever he ends up.

The No 9 has never really died. People have just tried to go with the phases of what was successful for others and then try and emulate that.

You have to remember football goes in spells — and if you think back, something like playing three at the back was never a thing four or five years ago. No one was playing 3-5-2.

You see more and more do it. It is just cycles. But one thing that is evident in football is that, just as you need a keeper to keep a ball out of the net, you need a striker to put it in.

If they could, then everybody would try and recreate a Jamie Vardy style.

Somebody that is quick, on the shoulder, not really interested in the link-up play and get after it.

But when you go into these elite competitions you need more than just playing on the shoulder against the likes of PSG and Barcelona. You need to be able to mix it up.

That’s exactly what Lukaku will do at Chelsea.

But here’s the thing: I love the fact that he is an out-and-out goalscorer, and yet we never talk about how good his goalscoring is.

He is big and strong. The only thing people ever get on to you about is his touch which, if you actually look at it, was only ever mentioned when he was at Manchester United.

He was under unbelievable scrutiny and, in my opinion, it was unjust and unfair. Why should he be scrutinised that much when he was still delivering.

His goal record is a joke and if his touch is bad, good luck trying to get around him to get the ball.

He is massive and incredibly strong as well.                            

The best thing that Lukaku does, for me, is when he pulls in to a channel and he gets the ball and he has got the defender going back.

He is running through you, and there is nothing you can do to stop it other than hope you kick the ball off him and it goes out. He is the missing piece for Chelsea.

I know he is coming on a huge price tag, but he knows what he wants to deliver and how good he can be. And from there, you would put money on him, with the way Chelsea play, getting 20 goals this season.


He is just one of Europe’s best. I saw something on Instagram yesterday and his goal record is up there with Kane’s, yet he is just never spoken about in the same breath.

We all know how good Kane is — so that shows just how good Lukaku is, too.

There could be so many theories on why Lukaku isn’t hyped up as much as the others in that bracket.

Some people just have that  Marmite effect — either you love them or you hate them.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone within the game that says he is not a great striker, but he just has that Marmite appeal.

It’s amazing because compared to someone like Kane, because he gets so many assists, he is now considered a flair player.

You never talk about the lack of pace Kane has as a result. So, it is just a perception people have.

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