Tale of the tape for Tommy Fury and Jake Paul before Riyadh clash

Tale of the tape for Tommy Fury and Jake Paul before Riyadh clash

Tale of the tape: Jake Paul’s social media following dwarfs Tommy Fury’s but the new father has fighting pedigree in his family and is favourite to win! How the two bitter rivals compare ahead of their fight in Riyadh

  • Tommy Fury and Jake Paul are set to square up in Riyadh on February 26 
  • Fury, 8-0, has recently welcomed a new daughter with partner Molly-Mae Hague 
  • Paul, 6-0, hopes his extensive social media following will aid his bid for victory

Tommy Fury and Jake Paul will finally put all of their bickering to the test when they square up against each other in Riyadh on February 26.

Both parties come with their own unbeaten professional record to defend, as well as an army of supporters including social media followers and family fighters.

Fury, 23, is the more experienced in the ring, with an 8-0 record, most recently beating Daniel Bocianski on points in April 2022. He achieved four knockouts in his first five victories as a professional boxer. 

Paul is three years older, and has a 6-0 record, also including four knockout successes. His last bout was a unanimous decision win over Anderson Silva back in October. 

With both fighters eager to get one over their rival, it will be a keenly contested PPV over eight rounds at an 185lb catchweight. Here’s how both boxers stack up ahead of the fight later this month in Riyadh. 

Jake Paul (left) and Tommy Fury are set to take their grudge match to Riyadh later this month

Tale of the tape: Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul

Tommy Fury 

Age: 23

Height: 6ft 0ins

Reach: 80ins

Weight: 180lbs 

Record: 8-0

Knockouts: 4 

Jake Paul 

Age: 26

Height: 6ft 1ins

Reach: 76ins

Weight: 186lbs

Record: 6-0

Knockouts: 4


Social media followers

Maybe more than ever for the internet age, these two have been eagerly back-and-forth with each other on social media, and it has lit a fuse between the pair which is not likely to be extinguished any time soon.

Tommy Fury has 310k followers on Twitter, while Jake Paul has 4.5m, so on that front, it is a clear home run for the American. 

On Instagram, Fury has 4.4m followers, but again, Paul dwarfs that figure, with 21.9m followers on the picture platform at the latest count.

However, Fury is well aware of this conundrum, and has warned his opponent that social media following is irrelevant once they enter the ring, as previously reported by Sportsmail. 

The 23-year-old said: ‘I have no bad blood toward influencer boxers. They all have the stones to get in that ring and have a go in front of a big crowd.

‘A lot of people that hide behind keyboards say a lot of stuff and then cannot back it up.’

He added: ‘The fact he has 20million people following him, backing him to win, has made this a 50-50 fight.

The heated rivalry between Jake Paul and Fury will finally come to a head next month

‘But 20m followers is not going to make him fight any better. Because Jake is a social media star he can apparently fight now. But I am going to show everyone that he can’t.’

Net worth

News of the fight has already caused outrage in the United States, where coverage of the clash will cost $50 (£41). Not that either of these fighters need the money.

While it is notoriously hard to pin down exact figures for these kind of estimates, it is believed that Jake Paul’s entrepreneurialism and success from YouTube – where he has over 20 million subscribers – mean that he is worth in the region of $50m to $80m, or £41m to £65m. 

Meanwhile, The Sun put forward that their calculations made Tommy Fury worth about £1m, or $1.2m, because of endorsements and advertisements, promoting companies including Disney+ and McDonald’s.  

Fury is reported to be worth over £1m following a string of endorsements and advertisements

Fighting record

Jake Paul’s first professional boxing bout was three years ago, when he knocked out AnEsonGib in January 2020. He followed that debut with two further knockouts against Nate Robinson in November of that year, and Ben Askren the following April.

In August 2021, Paul beat Tyron Woodley by split decision in Cleveland, before knocking him out in a rematch in December in Tampa. 

Paul took his record to 6-0 with his unanimous decision victory over Anderson Silva in October 2022. The YouTube star is a favourite with some bookmakers to make it a lucky seven.

Jake Paul got his sixth straight win as a professional boxer by beating Anderson Silva last year

However, Tommy Fury is not going to let it be that easy. He made his boxing debut with a points victory over Jevgenijs Andrejevs in December 2018, before four straight knockout wins between 2019 and February 2021.

His sixth, seventh and eighth fights have all been much closer contests. In June 2021, he beat Jordan Grant on points in Telford, before following that up with a unanimous decision awarded in his favour against Anthony Taylor in August.

Last April, a points victory took Fury to 8-0, as he beat Daniel Bocianski at Wembley Stadium. 

In November, Fury was supposed to face Paul Bamba in Dubai, but it was called off after the YouTuber failed to make the weight. Instead, he took part in a non-scored bout against Rolly Lambert, but nothing close to what he would expect when facing his enemy Jake Paul.  

Family fighters

Tommy’s half-brother Tyson Fury is a two-time heavyweight champion of the world, and came out of self-confessed retirement in December to knockout Derek Chisora at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. 

While obviously able to call upon his older half-sibling for advice, Tyson has said Tommy will have to stay in Saudi Arabia if he loses later this month – and will have to work as the personal trainer of another new immigrant to the country instead – Al-Nassr’s new multi-million pound signing Cristiano Ronaldo.

Tommy Fury’s half-brother Tyson (left) is a two-time heavyweight champion of the world

Tyson said: ‘I have told Tommy that if he loses he has to stay over in Saudi and become Ronaldo’s personal trainer. He agreed.

‘He will have to spend his losers purse on a nice little flat out in Saudi and look after Ronnie.’

Their father John has had his own run-ins with Jake Paul, with the pair clashing at ringside in November. John Fury attempted to fight the YouTuber himself, although nothing came of it, despite the patriarch’s attempts to turn it into a topless tussle. 

Tommy’s partner Molly-Mae Hague gave birth to their first child, a daughter, on January 23, although Fury has no plans to let that distract him from the opportunity to take down Jake Paul.

The couple met on the fifth season of Love Island, and finished runners-up in the ITV2 reality show back in 2019. So far, theirs is one of the few long term relationships to remain successful after the conclusion of the show. 

Fury revealed that he has moved out of the mansion he shares with partner Molly-Mae Hague

Jake’s brother Logan Paul is currently signed to the WWE, having previously lost a boxing fight to the rapper KSI in November 2019. 

Jake Paul is dating model Julia Rose, and the pair are well-known for putting steamy photos of each other up on their social media accounts.

In August of last year, Jake declared his own plans to start a family with Julia, despite the on-again off-again nature of their relationship.  

Logan Paul is a WWE wrestler, having lost his only professional boxing fight against KSI

Jake Paul is currently dating model Julia Rose, and the pair share steamy pics on social media

What they’ve said about each other

This pair have not minced their words to each other across recent years, and there is expectation that they will continue to explode at each other verbally, and on social media, until the first bell rings later this month. 

Fury tried to hit out at Paul by claiming that only one of them was taking the fight seriously, and that was the one with more history as a professional boxer.

Fury said: ‘I’m a professional athlete, I’m a professional boxer. My job is not to make little sly jokes and comments on Instagram and social media.’

He said part of that involved leaving the mansion he shares with Molly-Mae, and moving into a small apartment to keep his eye on the preparation for Riyadh.  

Fury also backed himself to win comfortably, without relying on the judges at the end of the eight rounds. Fury said: ‘You’re going to see fireworks, it’s going to be over inside the distance. There is no way in this world this fight goes to points.

‘The judges, don’t bother taking points, because you’re not needed.’

Fury has vowed to defeat Jake Paul without needing to rely on the judge’s scorecards

Jake Paul likened Fury to a “lost little animal” ahead of the clash, and vowed to make the 23-year-old hate the sport once the night is over.

Paul said:  ‘I don’t hate the kid, I don’t think he’s a bad person, I think he’s just caught up in the wrong lifestyle and doesn’t really know who he is. He’s like a lost puppy trying to figure his life out.

‘That’s what I think is happening. I think he thinks he loves this sport and all the glory. It’s been fun beating these taxi drivers but he’s going to hate this sport after February 26.’

In their pre-fight press releases, both were relentless in slating their opponent.   

Paul said: ‘The moment of truth has finally arrived. On February 26th, I will get in the ring with a “real boxer”, an 8-0 fighter from a storied fighting family and show the world the truth about who Jake Paul, the boxer, really is.’

Fury responded: ‘Jake Paul’s boxing career ends on February 26th and I can finally move on with mine. Every time I go out right now, everybody asks me about the Jake Paul fight. 

‘After this fight is done, everybody will be asking me how it felt to knock Jake Paul out. The world is about to see what happens when a proper boxer faces a YouTuber.’

Jake Paul has threatened to show the world ‘the truth’ about Tommy Fury in their bout in Riyadh

Even the news of Tommy and Molly-Mae’s new child was not off limits to Jake Paul’s banter. When she posted a picture of her new daughter with her birth date, Jake responded on Instagram to say ‘just in time to watch your dad get knocked out’. 

The comment seems to have vanished from the account since it was initially posted, although eager internet users have kept confirmation of the comment. 

Social media users found Jake Paul’s comment, slating Tommy Fury after becoming a father


After all the back-and-forth between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury, the big question is still to be resolved: who will win?

And to be honest, it’s a challenging one to call. Some bookmakers make Jake Paul a slight favourite, but his legions of followers across social media platforms mean that they have to make those odds low, or risk losing a fortune.

Meanwhile, there’s no doubting that Tommy Fury is desperate to win this once and for all, and with slightly more experience as a professional boxer, that might be enough to edge it. However, he has a new daughter at home, and it only takes a slight moment of distraction from the main goal at hand to quickly lose it all.

This fight is billed as ‘The Truth’, and normally, the truth is somewhere hidden between one polar extreme and the other. Both fighters will be eager to get that knockout punch, but it will almost definitely be decided by the scorecards. Here’s hoping ‘The Truth’ can be found amongst those numbers on the night in question – or we could be doing this all again sooner rather than later.  

Who will emerge victorious from ‘The Truth’? We’re only a few weeks from finding out

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