South-east Asia's first Star Wars virtual run begins on May 4

South-east Asia's first Star Wars virtual run begins on May 4

SINGAPORE – South-east Asia’s first Star Wars virtual run will take place in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam this May 4, the commemorative date for fans of the movie and its signature “May the Force be with you” catchphrase.

Registration is open until May 30 and runners can choose to run 5.4km or 40km individually or partner a friend to run the longer distance. It costs $25 for the shorter run and $40 for the latter.

Participants need to download the MOVE by LIV3LY app and activate the MOVE Run tracker from May 4 to record their mileage, which can be clocked on the treadmill or outdoors. The total distance can be done in a day or split over the qualifying period until May 31.

Fitness app LIVE3LY is the run organiser and its chief of market development Alvin Soo said: “The sole purpose of the virtual run is to ignite the passion and love for Star Wars amongst the thousands of fans across South-east Asia.”

All finishers will receive a commemorative 3D engraved trophy of either BB-8 or the First Order Stormtrooper while the 40km finishers will receive an exclusive The Empire Strikes Back 40th anniversary Trophy.

Star Wars fan Chee Tung Leong, 37, is looking forward to the virtual run. He said: “It is also an opportunity for me to stay active and keep fit without the need for a mass gathering of runners, especially in light of the current Covid-19 situation.”

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