Seven craziest moments in Wanda and Mauro Icardi's romance, from sex 12 times a day to alleged cheating scandal

Seven craziest moments in Wanda and Mauro Icardi's romance, from sex 12 times a day to alleged cheating scandal

ONE of football's most glam and controversial couples could be no more.

On Sunday evening, stunning Argentine beauty Wanda Nara, 34, took to social media to post a cryptic message, 'Another family that you have ruined for a s***.'

She then unfollowed husband and PSG striker Mauro Icardi on Instagram and reportedly left their home in Paris with her five children and went to Milan.

The pair's fiery relationship has been perfect tabloid fodder around the world.

From the way their romance began with alleged team-mate infidelity to boasts about wild sex 12-times a day and the current cheating scandal, it's been a rollercoaster of a love affair.

SunSport takes a look at Wanda and Mauro's seven craziest moments together.


Before Mauro, Wanda was married to former Sampdoria and Argentina international Maxi Lopez.

Icardi arrived at Sampdoria in 2011, where he was warmly welcomed by his fellow countryman and his wife.

They enjoyed family holidays together and struck up a firm friendship, although by 2013 Lopez and Wanda's marriage hit the rocks.

Soon after, Icardi and Wanda were an item, with rumours alleging that they were having an affair behind Lopez's back.

But Mauro denied the accusation. "I was a friend of the couple, an acquaintance, and it was all very normal," he said.

"After that, Wanda split up and we kept in contact, and it just happened."

Wanda seemingly backed up his claim.

“After the divorce, I had gone back to live in Argentina and already had the kids registered for the new school year," she said.

"I had to come back to Milan to finalise some paperwork and he offered to lend me his car, leaving me the keys to his house, too.

"He asked if I wanted to have dinner with him, but the fridge was empty. I knocked up some pasta and the rest just happened spontaneously."


Ahead of the 2013-14 season, Icardi was sold to Serie A rivals Inter Milan.

It is not known if that deal happened because of friction between Lopez and Icardi, but it can't have helped.

Before the campaign came to an end, the soap opera that was their personal lives was played out on the pitch.

Sampdoria took on Inter, with the Italian media humorously calling the game the 'Wanda derby'.

As the teams took to the pitch, the players exchanged pleasantries. All except Lopez and Icardi, with the former snubbing his former pal's handshake.

This would happen again two years later, when Lopez refused to shake Icardi's hand in a match against Torino.


Wanda began divorce proceedings in December 2013, when reports suggested it was because of Icardi.

Just five months later, Icardi and Nara walked down the aisle in Buenos Aires in an intimate ceremony.

Only 12 guests were invited, astonishingly none of those were his team-mates.

Eight months later, they welcomed their first child together, Francesca – adding to their brood.

For Mauro had already 'adopted' her children, Valentino, Constantino, and Benedicto from her previous marriage to Lopez as his own.


A new storyline in the episode of the drama of the Lopez/Icardi/Nara love triangle unravelled after their special day.

And it happened, in unlikely fashion, with some ink.

Icardi decided to get a tattoo that was bound to wind Lopez up with the names of his former team-mates three children on his arm.

A message underneath it says, 'I love these three little angels'.

Lopez was already irked that Icardi was posting photos of his children on social media without his consent.

"I can understand that, being a public figure, he publishes photos. But I'm not comfortable with my kids being in those photos," Lopez told Sky Sports.


After complaining that she was sexually starved by Lopez during their marriage, Wanda has been very open about her love life with Icardi.

She boasted about her prowess between the bed sheets earlier this year with a Valentine's Day message about how she likes to look after her man.

She wrote: "Saint Valentine is….cooking for your love every day, waiting for him with the best steak sandwich prepared by me at 3am after a match…or simply going down to the kitchen in the early hours and preparing the best sandwiches in the world with chicken and avocado…making your favourite deserts in the afternoon…and being the best in bed."

Former Italy centre Daniele Adani also dished the dirt on a rumour he heard that Icardi and Nara have sex up to 12-times-a-day on Christian Vieri's Twitch channel.

While, when she was bashed by trolls online she said she performs oral sex on Icardi every night.


However, over the weekend Wanda and Mauro's partnership seemed to have imploded.

The buxom blonde launched an angry rant on Twitter bearing the message, ''Another family that you have ruined for a s***.'

She then unfollowed Icardi on Twitter, before admitting she had split from him to a friend over a cheating storm.

Wanda’s "I’ve separated" message went viral after it was shared by Argentine showbiz journalist Ker Weinstein, who is said to be “close” to her.

Ker published the note which was reportedly sent to her privately by Paris-based Wanda and wrote alongside it: “‘Bomb’. Mauro and Wanda separated. A real shame. I hope they patch things up. There’s a woman who’s the third party in discordance. I’m in shock."

Wanda also appeared to confirm she blames actress Maria Eugenia Suarez for trying to snatch Icardi from her, with the two allegedly texting one another.

Suarez has been widely identified as the "third party in discordance" in Argentine media, however the model herself denies the claims, saying: "I have no idea where all this came from. Whoever it may be. I don't even know them. I myself have just separated."

On Monday, Wanda shared a snap of her hand without her wedding ring on, captioning the photo: "Good day. I prefer my hand without a ring on it."

Nara flew to Milan on a private jet with her five children, after reportedly leaving the family home in Paris.


Seemingly, Icardi did not give up on Nara.

On Monday, he shared a photo of the two together wishing her 'Happy Mother's Day' on his Instagram.

He also shared another snap of the pair cuddled on a couch together, prompting the belief that they may have reunited.

However, he was notably absent from training with PSG – perhaps using the day to win her love back.

Latest reports suggest that Wanda has flown back to Paris for showdown talks with her beau. However, Argentine press say that she plans to travel to Argentina to put space between her and her husband.

The French club later confirmed that the forward skipped Monday's session for 'family reasons'.

Manager Mauricio Pochettino did reveal that he would be in consideration for their important Champions League tie against RB Leipzig.

"Due to personal problems, Mauro hasn't been able to train today, but is in tomorrow's squad," he said.

"Tonight we will analyse the situation and see if he can be with the group."

Whether he's welcomed back to his family group, though, is still up for debate.

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