Onlookers fume as Spanish para-cyclist is presented with a watch

Onlookers fume as Spanish para-cyclist is presented with a watch

Spanish para-cyclist Ricardo Ten Argiles is presented with a watch at the UCI World Championships despite the 47-year-old being a double amputee on both arms

  • A Spanish para-cyclist has gone viral after being given a watch on the podium
  • Amputee Ricardo Ten Argiles received the prize after winning in Glasgow 
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Spanish para-cyclist Ricardo Ten Argiles has gone viral after he was given a watch as a winners prize at the 2023 UCI World Championships in Glasgow.

A luxury Tissot wristwatch would usually be a prize fit for a champion, apart from Argiles being amputated from the wrist down on both arms.

 The 47-year-old dominated proceedings at the competition as he won gold in three separate events over the weekend and was twice presented with watches on the podium.

The friendly Spaniard handled the moment with amazing credibility as he stood on the podium and was presented with the black and white watch contained inside a flashy box courtesy of the championships main event sponsor.

A viral video shows the moment Argiles is given the award and shows the world champion enjoying a friendly exchange with an official before taking hold of his prize.

Spanish para-cyclist Ricardo Ten Argiles has gone viral after winning the 2023 UCI World Championships in Glasgow

The Spaniard is a double amputee and was presented with a watch on the podium

However, Argiles was delighted as he later posted a video of him wearing the watch

He holds the box in his arms and smiles out towards the crowd while a gold medal also hangs around his neck.

The newly-crowned triple title holder cycles using a modified bike that extends from the handles to strap his arms into holds.

He is then able to focus solely on powering through with his legs and has gained a status as the best men’s para-cyclist in the world after his recent achievements. 

However, onlookers are amazed that the competition decided a watch was a suitable prize for the cyclist and slammed the moment as ‘insensitive’ and ‘very dark’.

One angry commenter stated in response: ‘Seriously, they should be embarrassed!’.

The moment has since gone viral with Argiles going viral on social media after the awkward exchange with the video spanning over 355k views at the time of publication. 

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However, it appears Argiles had no qualms with his gift and instead took to Twitter to show his delight at being recognised by the watch brand.

Responding online, the cyclist stated: ‘Thank you TISSOT for believing in this super world of inclusion.’

The champion supported his words with a short video that showed Argiles stood next to a gushing river in Glasgow while wearing the watch on his left arm.

He was asked by the person filming, ‘Ricardo, what time is it?’ before the beaming Spaniard responded, ‘It’s world champion time’ while holding the watch, fastened to his arm, up to the camera.

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