Odell Beckham just doesn’t give a ‘s–t’ anymore

Odell Beckham just doesn’t give a ‘s–t’ anymore

Odell Beckham Jr. isn’t apologizing to the cooler he punched during another sideline outburst Sunday, or to anyone else for that matter.

The Browns wide receiver said he just wants to win, which is why he was angry when he and other starters got pulled out of a 38-7 loss to the Steelers in the fourth quarter. Beckham threw down his helmet, punched a cooler and took off his cleats and gloves, according to Cleveland.com.

“I’m pissed [in that moment], and at this point I really don’t care to keep trying to make myself look like a good guy to the world and all that s–t because I am who I am,” Beckham told reporters Wednesday. “I got pulled out of the game. The coach said this was the best decision. It’s eight minutes left. For me, I’d rather take my ass whoopin’ like a man. I’d rather take my win the same way. I want to be out there until the last whistle competing.”

Beckham had just two receptions for 25 yards in the important showdown against the Browns’ AFC North rivals, as the Steelers remained unbeaten at 5-0 while Cleveland fell to 4-2.

It’s not the first time Beckham has worn his emotions on his sleeve and taken his frustration out on the sideline. During his five years with the Giants, he had his share of angry interactions with a kicking net, a cooler and a cooling fan.

But Beckham took issue with his sideline displays being perceived differently than when others do similar things, seemingly referring to Tom Brady — who has often been captured on video barking at his receivers or offensive coordinator on the sideline — though he never said the Buccaneers quarterback by name.

“I’m kind of over trying to play the right thing because – I love him to death, but there’s people who have plenty of rings and considered the GOAT and they do things on the sideline, and other people do things on the sideline, and they get away with it,” Beckham said. “And that’s classified as passion because they may have something behind their legacy or whatever it is. To me, we love this s–t that much. It means that much. There’s no way around it. I don’t care if I have zero rings, 12 rings, 20 rings. I love this game of football and I’m not gonna keep doling myself for the world to feel like I’m mature or whatever word you’d like to throw around.

“I’m always gonna be me. I’m tired of losing. Tired of losing to good teams, and ultimately just want to win. One day when it’s all said and done, we’ll all clearly see that but in the midst, in the meantime while we’re in it, I’m sure we won’t. So I just keep pushing forward. It’s not gonna bother me anymore.”

As for taking his cleats off on the sideline, Beckham said he was still dealing with a lingering turf toe issue, so he didn’t want to keep his toe jammed in his cleats if he wasn’t going to play.

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