Moment Chelsea fan laughs in hospital bed after being knocked out while goading West Ham | The Sun

Moment Chelsea fan laughs in hospital bed after being knocked out while goading West Ham | The Sun

THIS is the moment a Chelsea fan laughs in a hospital bed after being knocked out while goading a West Ham fan.

Trouble flared up before the London derby on Saturday, which saw one football fanatic taken away in a wheelchair.

The Chelsea fan was knocked unconscious by one punch from a West Ham supporter.

A video has since emerged of the Blues fan making light of his situation.

Laid up in hospital he said: "You've got to have a laugh".

People crowded around as the altercation unfolded over the weekend.


Shocking new video of Chelsea fan being knocked out at West Ham emerges

Brutal moment Chelsea fan is punched by West Ham rival before derby

Footage shared on social media showed the Chelsea fan stepping forward to engage in a verbal confrontation with the rivals.

He is then recorded shouting and squaring up to an older West Ham supporter.

One West Ham lad can then be seen taking a swipe which brutally floored him.

A group of Hammers chanted "Irons, Irons" as the lad was put into the recovery position.

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Cops confirmed that a 22-year-old man was arrested after the brutal punch.

Another viral video circulating shows how the fan who punched the Chelsea supporter was led away by several police officers.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: "A 22-year-old man was arrested before kick-off at the London Stadium today after an alleged assault on another man.

"The man has been taken into custody."

Chelsea star Reece James mentioned the attack after the game on Instagram.

Posting on his story he said: "The news has crossed my attention that a fan was punched and knocked out before today's game.

"I totally understand rivalry and the tension between teams in big games but violence is no answer.

"I hope he's okay. Appreciate the travelling fans as always. Stick with us and stay safe. See you in Dortmund."

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