Mike Francesa’s tweetstorm is really a cry for radio help

Mike Francesa’s tweetstorm is really a cry for radio help

WFAN’s Mike Francesa knows his show needs help and, if he can’t find it, he might quit again.

Sooner rather than later.

On Saturday, Francesa provided a spectacle on Twitter, tweeting in the afternoon he would confront “lies” about him and he would make a statement.

Then three hours passed with hilarious Twitter comments and March Madness filling the time.

After the extended dead air, when Francesa finally found the energy to tweet again, he essentially confirmed The Post story from this past week about how FAN tried to hire Adam Schein to partner with him before eventually taking over his slot.

In his tweets, Francesa said he would consider “adding another person” to his show, but that he may leave soon because he hasn’t signed his WFAN contract. He said it was his idea to add a potential partner.

He did not specifically address Schein in any of his tweets.

Francesa, a megalomaniac, may not really know what he is doing, but felt the need to address “the constant requests for him to comment.”

He is on the verge of potentially finally losing to ESPN’s “The Michael Kay Show” in the winter ratings book so, even if he wins again and stays, he knows he needs help.

There is one partner, of course, that could turn WFAN’s afternoons into magic again — Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo.

However, Russo back to FAN is not happening.

Russo, according to sources, is closing in on a new deal with SiriusXM to continue on the station that bears his nickname.

With Schein out and Russo an impossibility, Francesa could look to young John Jastremski, sources said. Though FAN executives discovered Jastremski, Francesa has looked at him as a protégé.

Jastremski is kind of like a Mad Dog Lite and when he is with Francesa, he does bring out a little Francesa energy the way Russo used to in the duo’s heyday.

There is concern, though, that Jastremski, who does overnights and does work from Francesa’s home on Francesa’s paid app, may not be fully ready for prime time.

In his tweets, Francesa, it should be noted, said he may look to add “another person,” not a partner, so Jastremeski could enter the picture as injection of energy, but without a full share.

Francesa could also potentially have rotating guest co-hosts to try to goose his show and its ratings.

In his tweets, Francesa reiterated he has a long-term offer from WFAN that he has yet to sign. He gave himself a deadline of “before the Mets’ first losing streak” to make a decision. Opening Day is at the end of this week.

With Kay looking at Francesa in the ratings eye, Francesa apparently knows what a lot of people can hear: It is time to find some help — or cut and run.

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