Max Verstappen opens up on Netflix U-turn as F1 champ is set to star in Drive to Survive | The Sun

Max Verstappen opens up on Netflix U-turn as F1 champ is set to star in Drive to Survive | The Sun

FORMULA ONE champion Max Verstappen decided to appear on Netflix's Drive to Survive series after holding talks with producers.

Verstappen will star in the fifth season, which will be released on February 24 and will focus on the star's dominant 2022 season.

The Dutch star previously refused to participate in the filming because he claimed it gives a false portrayal of what goes on behind the scenes in F1.

However, the 25-year-old held talks with the creators and was satisfied with how they addressed his concerns before making his U-turn.

Verstappen said: "I always wanted to be part of it but said it needs to be a realistic image of how I am.

"That’s why we needed to talk about it first and they understood my side of it, and I understand in general that when you create a show there needs to be drama and it needs to be exciting.

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"But I’m a guy who thinks it’s also important that you are portrayed well, and not start to have comments put under different footage, when it didn’t happen like that.

"So I explained that was my view and that otherwise I didn’t want to be a part of it.

"They understood, so we’ll see once it comes out what they made of it.

"But I’m positive, of course, because I know it’s important for Formula 1.

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"I just focus on my job and I know the media is a part of it. You deal with it and grow up as a person, in racing and in life personally.

"When that happens, you can probably deal with stuff easier than five or six years ago.”

The new season will air on Netflix just before the Bahrain Grand Prix, which will open the 2023 season.

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