KSI vs Joe Fournier predictions: Jake Paul, iShowSpeed and more predict who will come out on top of huge Wembley clash | The Sun

KSI vs Joe Fournier predictions: Jake Paul, iShowSpeed and more predict who will come out on top of huge Wembley clash | The Sun

YOUTUBE superstar KSI returns to the ring this weekend for one of his toughest tests to date.

The social media sensation turned boxer will top the bill of the latest Misfits Boxing card at Wembley Arena on Saturday night.

KSI – real name Olajide Olatunji – will be welcomed back to the squared circle by self-proclaimed billionaire Joe Fournier.

Fournier boasts an alleged perfect record of 9-0 – although his resume has been questioned by many.

The YouTube boxing world is waiting with bated breath for the return of KSI and several big names have been giving their predictions for the fight.

KSI vs Joe Fournier predictions

David Haye


KSI and Tommy Fury erupt into Twitter spat amid rumoured talks for fight

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The Haymaker said: "I've seen him behind the scenes, I know what he's about. I've seen him spar and I've seen him hit the mitts and hit the bag.

"That was a year and a half ago. I'm sure he's improved significantly since then. That version of KSI, in my opinion, wouldn't last the distance with Fournier.

"Even though Joe Fournier is 40, even though he's been living in Tulum and Dubai all over the world and in nightclubs, he lives quite a clean life.


"So there are no real miles on the clock for Joe. But I've seen him spar world champions – professional world champions – and hold his own.

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"And I think that wealth of experience over the last ten years will be enough once that first bell rings.

"Once the energy of the first couple of rounds where KSI will be really hyped up [by a] a big crowd going crazy and all eyeballs on him, knowing that Jake Paul was in a very similar situation with Tommy Fury in a fight which he lost.

"Very few people on Jake Paul's team believed that was a version of reality that could take place – but it did.

"I thought after that happened that KSI's team may think, 'Oh, in actual fact, maybe we've bitten off more than we can chew.'

"But they didn't. They doubled down on it, they really wanted it."

Prediction: Joe Fournier to win


The social media phenom said: "KSI [versus Fournier]? I got Fournier, I got Fournier."

Official prediction: Joe Fournier to win

Viddal Riley – KSI's former trainer

"I think JJ is gonna struggle for a bit.

"But then all the attributes [speed, awkwardness and power] you just said are gonna come to fruition in the fourth round, fifth round.

"JJ does win, between the fourth and the sixth round. That's my prediction."

Official prediction: KSI to win via KO

True Geordie

"Joe Fournier isn't used to being in fights where the other guy throws punches back and he's faking knockouts in his gym.

"This is not me hating Joe Fournier in any way as a man. He seems like a laugh, he seems like a nice guy.

"He's all right. [But] KSI is way fitter, way faster, way stronger and is gonna knock this guy the f**k out."

Official prediction: KSI to win via KO

Jake Paul

"I honestly have no idea what's going to happen. I think Joe is like old and he's had a padded record, he hasn't fought anyone good. 

"So yeah, he's '9-0' but we don't know how good he is, he's been inactive.

"And KSI hasn't fought anyone good either. He's just fought influencers and people say, 'Oh, he fought your brother.' 

"Yeah, my brother wasn't good when they fought.

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"So he hasn't fought anyone good really, we haven't seen him tested so we really don't know what will happen."

Official prediction: On the fence

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