Klay Thompson calls Cavs ‘idiots’ about 3-1 pettiness

Klay Thompson calls Cavs ‘idiots’ about 3-1 pettiness

Klay Thompson has no problem kicking the Cavs when they’re down.

Over the past four season, the Warriors and Cavaliers have faced each other 30 times (22 postseason, eight regular season). It quickly became one of the NBA’s fiercest rivalries, as familiarity brings animosity.

Those days are done. And the Warriors are set to match up with a very different Cavs team come Wednesday.

Warriors players spoke to The Athletic this week to look back at the past four years, which included three Warriors titles. But it was the Cavs’ championship that took the rivalry to a new level. In case you need reminding: The 73-win Warriors blew a 3-1 series lead. The following season, they were reminded constantly of that epic collapse – including “3-1” jokes at the Cavs’ Halloween party.

Thompson brought the heat upon being reminded of that Halloween party. Via The Athletic:

“Oh, yeah. Ha! That was funny. Look how that turned out. Psssh. Bums. That was crazy. I forgot about that. Well, look at what pettiness gets you. Gets you 1-8 in the Finals. Idiots.”

Not bitter at all.

The Warriors, of course, went on to win the next two NBA Finals meetings in five and four games respectively. Then, LeBron James joined the Lakers and sent the Cavs into rebuild mode.

It should be a totally different atmosphere in Cleveland when the two teams meet for the first time since the Finals … with way less pettiness.

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