Joe Joyce vs Joseph Parker LIVE RESULTS: Joyce WINS by HUGE knockout in thriller – latest reaction | The Sun

Joe Joyce vs Joseph Parker LIVE RESULTS: Joyce WINS by HUGE knockout in thriller – latest reaction | The Sun

JOE JOYCE downed Joseph Parker by a stunning knockout in the 11th round of their heavyweight clash.

A HUGE left hook saw former world champ Parker stopped for the first time in his career.

Both fighters landed heavy shots in a brutal main event in Manchester, before Joyce pulled away to finish in dominant style.

Joyce was winning on ALL three judges scorecards before the big finale to cap a sensational performance.

  • Result Joyce wins by TKO round 11
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  • James Orr

    Big celebrations

    Joe Joyce and his team including head trainer Ismael Salas celebrate in the ring after the huge victory.

    Joyce firmly in position for a world title shot now.

  • Lloyd Canfield

    Joe Joyce wins the WBO 'interim' heavyweight title

    Joyce, who turned 37 on Monday is an infamously slow starter, was not at the races early again in Manchester.

    The New Zealander was whacking away at the Londoner’s ribs as much as he could but Joyce has freakish resilience.

    Joyce raced out for the sixth and smashed a right hand straight onto Parker’s broken nose.

    Joyce was still getting punched back but he was overpowering and exhausting Parker in every clinch and slashing away at his head and body.

    It was all action, thrilling stuff but only Joyce looked capable of scoring the late stoppage thanks to his super-human chin.

    Credit: Reuters
    Credit: Reuters
  • Lloyd Canfield

    A tremendous nights boxing!

    What a night of boxing that was!

    We saw Serrano get the better of Mahfoud, and then Joe Joyce put in a brilliant, smart performance to get the better of Joseph Parker.

    Joe Joyce got the better of Joseph Parker in Manchester.Credit: Getty
  • Lloyd Canfield

    A sense of humour too!

    Joe Joyce on a potential fight with champ Oleksandr Usyk…

    "I'm very feel, let's get it on."

    Joe JoyceOn fighting Usyk.

  • Lloyd Canfield

    Joe Joyce speaks…

    "I hit him with everything I've got, the kitchen sink, the handbag, everything."

    Joe JoyceOn beating Joseph Parker

  • Lloyd Canfield

    Great sportsmanship

    You love to see it.

    Joseph Parker holds Joyce's hand up to the sky.

    What a display from Joyce that was, he took Parker's heart away in that one.

  • Lloyd Canfield

    What a fight…

    That was an immense contest from Joyce and Parker there.

    Parker was doing brilliantly to stay in that one, but Joyce reacted so well to hit a long range left hook that knocked Parker down to the ground.

    That was the icing on the cake for Joe Joyce who put up a great showing there…

  • Lloyd Canfield

    Round Eleven…

    Some big shots early from Joyce who rocked Parker there, he gets a good left hook too.

    Parker has done immensely well to stay in it.


    Joyce in action against Parker in Manchester…Credit: PA
  • Lloyd Canfield

    Round Ten…

    Parker looks out on his feet, but then produces some big comeback shots it seems.

    Tyson Fury can be seen cheering on Joseph Parker, and they both look to be feeling the pace as we near the end of this one.

    Joyce is just peppering away at Parker where he can, and gets a good body shot on Parker.

    Joyce just not allowing his opponent a breather at the moment.

    Good work from Parker who gets some solid left hands in the end there.

  • Lloyd Canfield

    Round Nine…

    It seems Joyce now has a significant lead in this one.

    There is some quality work from Joe Parker, who gets a great uppercut on Joyce, but he returns it with interest!

    Parker is putting in a big effort in the ninth here.

    But Joyce is simply getting some big right hand shots.

  • Lloyd Canfield

    Round Eight…

    Joyce starts well, and Parker looks to be getting weaker and weaker.

    Joyce is really going for it with relentless pressure now, he will not take a backwards step.

    Parker does pretty well to try and come back, but he really cannot get at Joyce now.

    The relentlessness of the juggernaut is being shown here in the eighth round.

    Huge credit to Parker who is still there despite a cut on his face.

    A great round.

  • Lloyd Canfield

    Round Seven…

    The jab has been key for Joyce tonight, who has had the 'perfect fight' so far according to David Haye.

    Everything is bouncing off Joyce's head at the moment.

    A good right hand from Parker early in the seventh round.

    Joyce keeps on coming…

    A good jab from Joyce is followed by a right cross.

    Parker looks like the one who is struggling, but then he comes back with a few good shots of his own and seems to spring into action.

    A good spell from Joe Joyce, who is taking a few more risks now.

    Parker goes back to the ropes, and the bell comes not a moment too soon for him, as his right eye looks damaged.

  • Lloyd Canfield

    Round Six…

    Joyce is landing more, harder punches at this stage, and he looks to be the more intelligent fighter at this point.

    Joyce keeps ploughing forward here, and looks physically the stronger man.

    A few good shots from Parker, but he gets caught with a short right uppercut from Joyce.

    A dominant three minutes from Joyce there.

  • Lloyd Canfield

    Round Five…

    It's all Joyce in that one, as he looks to be in control.

    What a fight we have on our hands, as Parker shows that he has that right hook on him!

    That one must be in favour of Joyce.

  • Lloyd Canfield

    Round Four…

    It's two rounds to one in favour of Joyce for us right now.

    Parker gets a very low punch in on Joyce.

    Clever boxing on the outside from Joyce, who is respectful of Parker's power, and knows that the right hand of Parker can cause serious damage.

    It's not really been emphatic one way or the other so far.

    A great right hand from Parker, but what a chin from Joyce, he just takes it and carries on. That landed plush.

    The quality shots in that one were from Parker.

  • Lloyd Canfield

    Round Three…

    Parker looks like he is waiting for a big right hand over the top, but Joyce does really well and gets a good right and left.

    Joyce just keeps on coming and Parker looks really hurt as Joyce senses blood.

    Joyce really looking strong here and showing his power to Parker.

    A good uppercut comes back from Parker.

    A few big body shots from Parker and another uppercut, but Joyce comes back.

    This one is really warming up as we end the third round with a big right hand from Parker!

  • Lloyd Canfield

    Round Two…

    Both sides land some solid shots mid-round as we have another close round.

    Joyce looked to settle into that one a bit more, Parker has some blood around his nose and his corner tell him to finish the rounds strong, as they are so close.

  • Lloyd Canfield

    Round One…

    The feeling was that Parker was likely to start fast, and they are just feeling each other out in the early stages…

    A nice jab from Joyce early in the round, followed by some decent body shots from Parker.

    Parker gets a big right hand late on.

    Three minutes over, they both had moments of success but Parker maybe just did enough to win that first round.

  • Lloyd Canfield

    Here we go…

    They are out and ready for their official introductions.

    Here we go!

  • Lloyd Canfield

    The big one up next!

    Up next we have your main event.

    Joe Joyce vs Joseph Parker.

    This will be explosive.

    Let's get ready to rumble!

  • Lloyd Canfield

    Serrano speaks out…

    "She was tough, I think all women are tough

    "She knew who she was up against, she gave me a fight.

    "I want the last piece in the puzzle, to become undisputed, and then the rematch with Katie Taylor."

    I want the last piece in the puzzle, to become undisputed, and then the rematch with Katie Taylor."

    Amanda Serrano

  • Lloyd Canfield

    Amanda Serrano is the winner!

    It was a dominant, confident performance from Serrano, who is deserving of the win for sure.

    Huge credit goes to Mahfoud, who will come away with heaps of pride after that fight.

    She wins it by unanimous decision.

    It could be Katie Taylor again next, but we will wait and see…

  • Lloyd Canfield

    Round Ten…

    Much better from Mahfoud, Serrano looks a bit stunned from one of those punches.

    This has been a fantastic fight as we draw towards the final bell.

    Serrano looks to come on strong in the final few seconds, Mahfoud has been good again this round.

    The fight comes to a close, and there is a great show of sportsmanship from both fighters, as well as a round of applause from the referee.

  • Lloyd Canfield

    Round Nine…

    Great combination from Mahfoud, who was excellent in that round.

    She has given a good account of herself in the second half of the fight, as Serrano seems to do her work and then sit back a bit more.

    She needs to go for a knockout if she is going to win this it seems…

  • Lloyd Canfield

    Round Eight…

    Serrano is looking comfortable at the end of this one, and tries to bring the uppercut through.

    A few good shots from Mahfoud in this round, and it begs the question, if she had a bit more belief early on then this could be a closer fight than it is now.

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