Jake Paul questions whether Tommy Fury has ‘heart’ of brother Tyson

Jake Paul questions whether Tommy Fury has ‘heart’ of brother Tyson

Paul will fight Fury in December

Jake Paul has questioned whether Tommy Fury has “heart” like his brother and heavyweight champion Tyson.

Paul made the comment at a press conference for his fight against Fury in December. The YouTuber-turned-boxer is undefeated but so too is his upcoming opponent.

Paul said: “The beautiful thing about this fight is the unknown Is he actually a Fury, or will we find out that he’s just a half Fury? Does he have the heart like his brother, or is he just living in the shadow of his brother.

“The beautiful thing about this fight is stepping into the unknown, because this is also my first time fighting a real boxer, whatever that means? He’s undefeated, he’s young, same age, same weight, same height, so it’s really a perfect match-up. We’re just going to see who worked harder, who wants it more and who has that dog inside of them.”

Fury’s father John has said Tyson will be in his brother’s corner for the fight which will add an extra edge to Fury’s fight plan. Many have Fury tipped to win the bout as it will be the first time Paul has fought a boxer.


In his professional career the 24-year-old has bouted fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib, former basketball player Nate Robinson and UFC fighters Ben Askren and Tyrone Woodley.

However, while fans may see Paul at a disadvantage the star sees it the other way around. He added: “He’s only been put in there with opponents that were meant to lose.

“This is his first real test where his opponent isn’t some guy who is just going to flop over. He has no idea what he’s getting himself into. This is his first time under the big lights, on the big stage, and he’s going to crack under pressure.”

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