Jake Paul claims Conor McGregor ‘needs me more than I need him’

Jake Paul claims Conor McGregor ‘needs me more than I need him’

Jake Paul has continued to goad Conor McGregor

Jake Paul has continued trash talking Conor McGregor, this time claiming that the Irish fighter “needs” the fight with him more than the YouTuber does.

Paul has been goading McGregor for months in an attempt to get him to sign a fight deal. The former UFC champion has turned him down repeatedly, forcing the star to move onto different opponents.

He will fight Tommy Fury in December and he spoke about McGregor while in Las Vegas for a press conference about the upcoming bout.

Paul said: “I think that fight happens in the next 48 months , 36 months, for sure. It makes financial sense. At this point, he needs me more than I need him. He’s a f***ing loser, he’s a drunk motherf****r running around with his bulls*** doing all this crazy s***.

“The guy’s a mess, he hasn’t won in four years or something so like I said, he needs me more than I need him.”


McGregor hasn’t fought since he lost his trilogy fight to Dustin Poirier in July where he broke his leg. He has still been making headlines as it was alleged he punched a DJ while visiting Rome.

McGregor recently admitted these last few months have been the “toughest” of his career in voice notes to UFC star Ian Garry.

He said: “Ian, I appreciate the respect that you showed me in there. At this time for me, coming back from this injury, that means a lot to me. This is probably the toughest couple of months I’ve ever had in my entire life, right?

“To see you go out there, to pay the respect like that and to go out and do that and then the step back back paw… It’s just there’s something mad about that to me and I’m buzzing over it.”

Despite Paul saying the fight will happen, McGregor is setting his sights on a UFC return after his injury rather than a boxing one.

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