Jake Connor details family reasons for wanting to face England for All Stars

Jake Connor details family reasons for wanting to face England for All Stars

JAKE Connor hopes to boost his England chances by beating them as he finally gets the chance to represent Trinidad.

The Hull full-back, who has five caps for his country of birth, admits it will be ‘a bit weird’ to face Shaun Wane’s side for the Combined Nations All Stars on Friday.

But he is determined to do both himself and his family proud as he connects with his Caribbean roots.

Connor said: “It got brought up in a conversation a couple of weeks ago and I like the idea. Knowing I wasn’t going to be in the England squad, I thought, ‘Why not?’

“I can represent my dad’s heritage, which is Trinidad. So it’s not just for missing out that I put my name forward.

“But I had a conversation with Shaun about what I can do to maybe put my foot in the door for England. I know what I’ve got to do.

“My granddad was from Trinidad and while my dad was born here, he still has that heritage in him. So it’s probably the only chance I’m going to get to represent Trinidad.

“It’s something I’ll probably never get to do again. It’s going to be strange playing against England but I want to play in big games.

“And I like the concept. It’s a good test for England to see where they’re at and I wouldn’t get to play with some of the players at club level.”

Connor, 26, is not the only member of Tim Sheens’ side looking to further his England ambitions. All Stars co-captain Jackson Hastings does too.

The Wigan star, who qualifies as his grandmother was born in Plymouth, said: “My goal has never changed. I've never shied away from it.

“Waney knows where I'm at, he's not silly and he listens to all the interviews I do and he goes to the games.

“I get the chance to play in front of him on Friday and he gets to see me live at ground level.”

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